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It’s no secret that Twitch is the streaming platform of choice for gamers around the world. Which is why, the coveted Twitch Affiliate program has gamers from all over the world trying to qualify for that elusive moniker. Are you looking to find out just how a Twitch Affiliate Payout works?

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So, what happens when you finally become a Twitch Affiliate? What impact does this have on your audience and in turn, your earnings? Well, to give you a brief idea; according to the October 2021 Twitch Leak, streamers in the top 100 on the platform make a minimum of $32,850 USD per month! This whopping revenue is the result of a mixture of subs, bit donations, and ads alone.

The Numbers Game

The numbers above may seem unrealistic at first, especially since streamers don’t see a payout for several months; even after gaining an affiliate status. However, it’s important to note that those numbers reflect the top 100 streamers, who’ve had ample time to grow their audience and product. In fact, it should be noted that streamers in the top 10,000 make a minimum of $904 USD per month.

Twitch Streaming

Coming back to the payout system itself; the minimum amount for a Twitch will payout is $100. Taking into account the 50% cut that goes to Twitch itself, the average affiliate would have to earn a total of 40 subs before they’re capable of cashing out using the payout system. 

Play and Get Paid 

In order to take advantage of the Payout System, streamers generally have to go through a certain number of steps. First, you’ll need to enter your tax information onto the site and then, you’ll need to agree to the Twitch Affiliate agreement. 

Upon reaching the minimum payout amount of $100 USD or more, Twitch will pay you through one of the following methods:

  • Direct deposit/ACH
  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer
  • Check
  • eCheck/Local Bank, for non-US affiliates

In the event that you’ve not met the minimum threshold of $100/month, Twitch will roll over the balance to the next month until this minimum threshold is met. Furthermore, you can also hold the payments until you are ready to receive them.

Slow and Steady 

The partnership between Twitch and its Affiliates is mutually symbiotic. After all, the platform makes a huge chunk of its earnings through advertising on Affiliate channels and through revenue from Bit sales and subscriptions. 

For Affiliates looking to harness the payout system it’s important to remember that there is no golden number of followers where you start making money. In fact, the real key lies in the number of your concurrent viewers. Think of it like this; if you are holding an average of 15-20 viewers for the duration of a stream it is quite common to pick up 1-2 subs and a few bits each stream. 


With your channel’s growth, you’ll see a jump in these subs as they continue to add up and, eventually, you will make a decent side income. For more tips and tricks on how to navigate the world of Twitch follow our guides such as cracking the Twitch algorithm!

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