Guide to Become a Twitch Affiliate

Affiliates are the backbone of Twitch, but what does it mean to be a Twitch Affiliate?  A Twitch Affiliate is someone who streams on Twitch for at least one hour per day (and sometimes more). They usually rots videos every week via YouTube Live like yesterday’s video will appear inside your feed tomorrow morning which means there may even be.

Who is a Twitch Affiliate?

There are a lot of different ways to make money on Twitch. One way is with Twitch Affiliates, which acts as an affiliate program and supports streamers in making their livelihood from doing what they love most – streaming. Available globally for all users regardless of where you play or live (with the exception that China currently doesn’t allow any kind of advertising).

Additionally, Affiliates are Twitch streamers with a real-life connection. They have the option to monetize their streams by earning affiliate commissions from sales that take place in chat, turning it into an opportunity for advertisers as well! You can find more about how this works here through our guide on the Affiliate program.

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Requirements for a Twitch Affiliate

The process of becoming a Twitch affiliate is not easy and requires dedication. You will need to invest time into your content, create an engaging brand for yourself through consistent posting frequency. You also need a play style that aligns with what they want their audience’s experience on the platform.

Having 500 Total Minutes/7 Unique Broadcast Days in the Last 30 Days

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Starting a career on Twitch means you need to invest most of your time there. It’s because Twitch has been really strict about the streaming time. Well, achieving 500 minutes of streaming within 30 days won’t be easy. But we have some tips for you.

It’s advisably to stream for two hours minimum each time. If you stream each time for two hours for 7 unique streams, you’ll reach over 800 minutes of broadcast in 30 days. This might be consuming your time, but this is effective if you really want to be Twitch Affiliate.

An Average of 3 Concurrent Viewers or More Over the Last 30 Days

They’re pretty strict about having this requirement met before approving an applicant’s application form for membership on their website. To be able to meet this qualification, you need to keep your viewers interested. The interaction will be the key to achieving that. Make sure to always show your respect to them by asking how they are doing. Do not forget to encourage feedback from them as well.

Anyway, ignore every troll because they really don’t worth your time. More importantly, communicate to your family and friends that you’re working on your channel, and invite them to watch your stream and follow your channel.

Get At Least 50 Followers to be a Twitch Affiliate

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In addition to consistently streaming, you need to get 50 followers as well on your channel. The first thing you can do to attract viewers is play games you enjoy. By doing this, you will know who are part of the same community as you. 

Alternatively, you could create files about specific topics which could lead to more discoverability by other twitch streamers wanting information from someone within these niche areas. Don’t forget to have a consistent brand name across all your social media and interact with people there. Using other social media will be a great idea to promote your channel and persuade them to hit the follow button.

Tips to Get Affiliated with Twitch

So you want to become an affiliate for Twitch? Well, I have some tips on how!

  • First off – plan your streams and be consistent. You’ll need a community of followers who look forward to seeing what’s coming next from you. Because these are people that might just buy something after hearing about it through social media posts or word-of-mouth advertising (think “viral marketing”).
  • Next up is interacting with viewers; make them feel like part of your family by asking questions during chats such as “how are things going?” Then there are networking opportunities out here—host games sessions between streamers in similar interests categories.
  • Be friendly but not too familiar though – retain professionalism


There you have it, the requirements and some tips to be a Twitch Affiliate. Although it’s difficult to grab, it’s worth a shot. Once you have become an Affiliate, you’ll be able to monetize your channel. Good luck!

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