Twitch Partner: Requirements, Benefits, and Quick Tips

Are you a gamer looking to make it big? If so, becoming a Twitch Partner is the best way to get your name out there. However, earning a partnership with Twitch will require you to go through a rigorous vetting process and overcome many hurdles, including in meeting Twitch Partner requirements.

Well, the Twitch partnership is an honor that only comes to those who are willing to go above and beyond for their dreams. Being partnered means you’re in charge of your own success, which can be accomplished by making money through streaming or giving back with charity work.

Additionally, there are no clear ‘requirements’ you have to fulfill to be a Twitch partner. Hence, we’ve created this blog to help you understand what you need to do to be successfully granted access to the platform’s partner program.

Twitch Partner Requirements: Eligibility Criteria

Twitch Partner Requirements

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Twitch is looking for Partners who can act as role models to the community and meet these criteria. Here are the criteria that streamers need to meet to become eligible for this program:

  • Constantly stream for 25 hours in the last 30 days
  • Continuously stream for 12 unique days in the last 30 days
  • Reach an average of 75 organic viewers in the last 30 days

You can complete the Twitch Partner requirements mentioned above to get an automatic status. There isn’t a set time period, but you should satisfy these criteria within any 30-day period and once eligibility is confirmed there will be an ‘Apply’ button on your achievements dashboard.  Twitch has a long waiting list to get into their Partner program. Applicants need to meet certain criteria and if they do, it can take up 7 business days for them to reach back with an answer on whether or not you’re accepted as well.

How To be a Twitch Partner, 3 Quick Tips

Since Twitch doesn’t give any clear steps to achieving the partnership, you can do all the basic strategies to grow your channel. Here are the things you need to do.

1. Create Outstanding Content

 twitch partner requirements 2022

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The most important thing to attract viewers is creating interesting content. To be able to produce high-quality content with excellent graphics and sound, make sure you use the best streaming equipment as well. Starting from the PC, streaming webcam, microphones, headphones/headset, and more.

Other than that, try to follow the trend and learn editing skills to turn your video into incredible shows that always make viewers crave more. Anyway, it’s also advisable to focus on a specific niche, either gaming, comedy, or anything else.

2. Build Twitch Community

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One best strategy to generate more viewers and subscribers is by expanding your network and building community. How to do it then? You can showcase your streaming video on other social media, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok.

If you want to share your Twitch video on TikTok, Instagram reel, or YouTube Shorts, you can extract the essence of your streaming video into a sweet short clip. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it manually which will be very time-consuming since you have Eklipse. Yes, you can grow your Twitch channel using Eklipse.

With this AI-powered tool, you can get your outstanding clips in seconds and share them directly to YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok, with only a couple of clicks.

Posting your clips on other platforms will definitely increase your engagement and of course the number of your viewers. So, give it a shot now!

3. Maintaining Authenticity

You should never try to be someone you’re not. Authenticity and sincerity on stream are much more appealing than aiming for emulation of another person’s style or accents because it will come across as insincere in the end!

The more authentic your content is, the more creative you are, and viewers will look forward to your new content.

The Benefits of Being a Twitch Partner

 twitch partner benefits

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Twitch’s Partner Program offers an elite community to streamers. Just over 1% of all broadcasters on Twitch are in this program, which means you’re amongst the best at what you do. If you successfully become a Twitch partner, here is what you will get.

1. Subscriptions

Twitch provides a great opportunity for those looking to make some extra cash. Twitch Partners can subscribe and donate funds, or offer subscriptions on their channels in exchange for content creation like tip jars and chat promotions (which means you get free advertising!)

2. Revenue From Ads

There are many benefits to being a Twitch Partner, but one of the best parts is that you can make money. If your channel has good enough gameplay and an attentive audience who watches closely then they might just watch some ads during their streams! You can check out Eklipse blog team guide on how to run ads on Twitch.

3. Emotes and Bits

Virtual emotes have been a popular way to show support for channels on Twitch, and there’s an option in chat where viewers can purchase Bits. The most frequently used feature by users is the ability to generate revenue – which you get from cheering them with virtual money.

4. Sales from Games

When you are playing a game on stream that is currently discounted or its in-game items are available for purchase through the Twitch store, your audience will see links to these products included within the content they watch.

Twitch Partner Requirements: FAQs

Q: Can someone lose their Twitch Partnership?

Twitch has a long list of rules that you must follow in order to remain an active Twitch Partner. Unless your content violates one specific clause, it will be safe and sound regardless of performance varies on the channel.

Q: Are there any Twitch employee benefits as a Partner?

That’s not true! The Twitch partnership program has nothing to do with availing Twitch employee benefits such as healthcare.

Q: Is it hard to become a Twitch Partner?

Achieve greater things by working hard and making your application stand out. It takes a lot to get accepted, but the rewards are endless! Twitch’s new partner program is available to anyone, but it will only accept applicants with the right qualifications. While they have no limitations on slots at this time and can expand indefinitely in size if needed so long as quality standards are met for accepting applications.


It’s time to get serious about your Twitch channel, and it all starts with that first step. The Twitch Partner requirements are straightforward; you just need to be following the rules of their terms of service (you can find these on their website), have an active stream at least three days per week, and maintain an average concurrent viewership count above 80 viewers. Don’t forget to follow some tips above to help you gaining more viewers and subscribers. Good luck!

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