How to Play Call of Duty Cold War for Free This Weekend

How to play Call of Duty Cold War for free this weekend? Read on.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a first-person shooter video game that can now be played for free within a limited time. Initially, the game costs 59 dollars for the standard edition and 89 dollars for the ultimate edition.

Of course, that’s no cheap price. However, starting from the 2nd of September 2021, new players can try it out for free before deciding whether to buy it or not. Before jumping in, here are important things you need to know about the free weekend trial.

Call of Duty Cold War Free Weekend Start and End Date

The free access for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War kicks off on September 2nd at 10 AM PT until the 7th of September at 10 AM. For new players, that gives you enough time to get the gist of the game and try out all the game modes with friends.

Here’s the schedule.

  • 11 am MT
  • Noon CT
  • 1 pm ET
  • 5 pm UTC (Sept 3)
  • 6 pm BTC (Sept 3)

The game is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 and PC via

Call of Duty Cold War Content

Call of Duty Cold War Free Weekend
Source: Call of Duty Official

This is a Season 5 focused event, so expect content that focuses on this season. That includes the new Double Agent mode—basically Among Us in Call of Duty—plus 25 multiplayer maps, 9 different modes and Zombies Outbreak co-op gameplay.

Multiplayer & Zombies Free Access (Sept. 2-7)

  • Season Five Moshpit (Echelon, Slums, and Drive-In maps)
  • New Gunfight Tournament
  • New Throwback Moshpit (Remastered classic Black Ops maps)
  • Stryker Operator Bundle ($$$)
  • Extended 2XP Weekend (Sept. 3-7)

+ more

Players can enjoy a five-day period of double XP toward leveling their weapons, Battle Pass and Prestige level.

The return of Gunfight Tournament is also great because this multiplayer mode in Call Of Duty has been said to be one the best new modes, and being able to compete with friends or others online for special rewards at stake makes it an exciting addition.

If you’re considering whether to buy Warzone, know that the progress made during this weekend will carry over. That’s a nice perk!

Special Offer

Treyarch is offering a special for players who upgrade to the full version of Black Ops Cold War during their trial. Those who do will automatically receive the Season Five Battle Pass and free tier skips as thanks for joining in on battle royale action.

If you want to buy Black Ops Cold War for a limited time, visit and select your preferred platform and region to get the game at up to 50% off! Download it now so that you can start playing as soon as possible.

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