How to Unlock Call of Duty CX9 Quickly and Easily

How to unlock Call of Duty CX9? If you’re wondering how, you’ve come to the right place. This new submachine gun has been rumored for a while, yet it is only released recently. Many new players are eager to try it as it has decent stats.

CX9 was added to Call of Duty as part of an update at the end of season four. With a stunning design, it is claimed to provide “excellent maneuverability and fast fire rate”. In addition, it makes the “blowback-operated SMG a formidable weapon in close-quarters engagements”. So, players who like to shoot at point blank range would really love this weapon. 

The description of CX9 truly lives to its name. It really excels in close combat. However, like any other close combat weapons, it struggles at longer ranges. Despite its weakness, this gun would be a perfect pair with any other assault rifle weapons.

Interested in using it? Then, you need to know how to unlock Call of Duty CX9. Simply follow the steps below!

How to Unlock Call of Duty CX9

how to unlock call of duty cx9
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Basically, there are two ways to unlock the CX9 in Call of Duty. You can either complete a challenge or buy it via blueprint.

To unlock it from a challenge, you need to:

Get two longshot kills while using an SMG in five different matches.

A quick tip is to keep your distance, track enemies and fire in short bursts using SMGs. You can also hop in Plunder games to pick off enemies from long distance. Note that two longshot kills per game isn’t a huge amount. Therefore, you can easily achieve it in any hardcore playlist matches.

Alternatively, CX9 can also be unlocked from Modern Warfare multiplayer matches. Simply pick maps like Shoot House and just gun down enemies mindlessly. You should be able to get CX9 quickly.

If you don’t feel like completing the challenge, then you can just obtain it using a blueprint. Head over the store and find the “Serac” blueprint. It is included in the Soap Operator bundle and costs around 2,400 CoD points.

CX9 Weapon Stats


cx9 stats
Source: JGOD’s Twitter
call of duty cx 9
Source: JGOD’s Twitter

Now that you already know how to unlock Call of Duty CX9, you must be wondering about its stats. Thankfully, you can view it from this Twitter post uploaded by JGOD right here.

It seems like the new SMG is above average compared to other SMGs. This could potentially be the next META weapon in Warzone. What do you think?

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