How to Save Video Replay in Mobile Legends

Do you want to share any glorious moments while playing Mobile Legends? No worries, this is very possible to do even without any application. Yes, there is a feature that enables you to save the video game instantly. That’s why it’s necessary to learn about how to save video replay in Mobile Legends.

Fortunately, the process is pretty simple to do even for beginners and we have covered all the steps. If you are curious about how it works, let’s move on to the step-by-step.

How to Save Video Replay in Mobile Legends Without Application

Only by doing these steps below, you can immediately save the video from Mobile Legends. No additional apps, software, or tools. Here’s how.

  • First of all, enter the Mobile Legends game using your account.
  • Once you’re in the game Lobby, navigate to the Account Profile icon.
  • After that, go to Column and select the Battlefield section.
  • Then, head to the Replay section to see the game matches you’ve played before. Mobile Legends enables you to re-watch the videos or even save them.
how to download replay in ml 2022
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  • To save the clip, just hit the Save Now button and Mobile Legends can automatically save the replay video.
How to Save Video Replay in Mobile Legends
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  • Now, to download it into your mobile phone, just head to the My Replays option and find the replay and hit the down arrow button to start downloading it.
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  • Voila! The replay video is supposed to be in your phone gallery now.

If you find that the video doesn’t exist in your gallery after you download it, then this method may not work on your device. If so, using a certain application will be the best solution. See the next section to see another alternative to save the replay on your phone.

How to Save Replay in Mobile Legends Using Application

Some mobile phones might not support the previous method to save the Mobile Legends replay video. But don’t worry about it, though. There is an application that can help you with it. It’s called xRecorder. Follow the steps below to know how it works.

  • Start off by installing the xRecorder app on your device. It’s available both in PlayStore and AppStore.
  • Once the installation process has been done, launch the app and set the resolution in Settings.
  • Then, open the Mobile Legends and do the same steps as above until you save the replay on the My Replays tab.
  • After that, open the saved replay and tap the xRecorder icon that hovers next to the screen.
  • Tap the recording button to start recording the screen.
Source: My Tech Easier
  • When the app is starting to record the gameplay, tap one of the Mobile Legends renditions and hit OK.
  • Finally, tap the minute symbol next to the screen and hit the recording button.

There you go. The replay video from Mobile Legends has been successfully downloaded into your phone gallery. 


Now that you’ve known how to save video replay in Mobile Legends, it’s time to do all that. If you own all the incredible moments while you’re playing the game, you can share them on all your social media and let your gaming skill be seen. Above all, don’t forget to enjoy your game!

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