How to Save Video Replay in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on Your Phone

How to save video replay in Mobile Legends? For those who wish to share their glorious moments while playing Mobile Legends, we have good news. The ML app now includes a feature that allows users to save the video game instantly.

This feature helps review match results, study opponent gameplay, improve playing skills, or record content. Remember, to view replays in Mobile Legends, players must save them after the match ends. The process is also quite simple, even for beginners, and we’ve outlined all the steps.

If you are curious about how it works, let’s move on to the step-by-step guide for saving video replays in ML!

How to Save Video Replay in Mobile Legends without Third-Party App

If you want to relive your epic moments in Mobile Legends, you can easily access your past game replays. Here’s a quick guide to help you navigate to your match replays and save them for future viewing.

  1. Log into Mobile Legends using your account.
  2. Once you’re in the game lobby, tap on the Account Profile icon.
  3. Next, go to the Battlefield section under the Column tab.
  4. Then, navigate to the Replay section to view your previous game matches. Mobile Legends allows you to re-watch or save these videos.
How to save video replay in mobile legends iphone

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Mobile Legends replay options
  • To save the clip, just hit the Save Now button and Mobile Legends can automatically save the replay video.
Save Now button in Mobile Legends
  • To download it onto your mobile phone, simply go to the “My Replays” section, find the replay, and tap the down arrow button to start the download.
Download replay in Mobile Legends
  • Voilà! The replay video should now be in your phone’s gallery.

If the video isn’t in your gallery after downloading, this method might not be compatible with your device. In that case, using a specific app could be the best solution. Check the next section for another way to save the replay on your phone.

How to Save Replays in Mobile Legends Using an App

Some mobile phones might not support the previous method for saving Mobile Legends replay videos. But don’t worry, there’s an app that can help you with that: it’s called xRecorder.

Follow the steps below to learn how to download ML Replay 2024 with xRecorder:

  • Install the xRecorder app on your device. It’s available on both the Play Store and the App Store.
  • Once installed, open the app and adjust the resolution in the Settings menu.
  • Launch Mobile Legends and follow the same steps to save the replay under the My Replays tab.
  • Open the saved replay and tap the xRecorder icon hovering next to the screen.
  • Tap the recording button to start recording your screen.
xRecorder interface
  • When the app is starting to record the gameplay, tap one of the Mobile Legends renditions and hit OK.
  • Finally, tap the minute symbol next to the screen and hit the recording button.

There you go. The replay video from Mobile Legends has been successfully downloaded into your phone gallery.

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Tips for Organizing Your Downloaded Mobile Legends Replays

how to save replay in ml iphone

Managing and organizing your downloaded replays in ML can help you analyze and improve your gameplay, as well as provide new content opportunities. Here are some best practices for managing and organizing your downloaded replays:

1. Create a Consistent Naming Convention

Develop a consistent naming convention for your replays that makes it easy to identify and sort them. This can include the game mode, hero, or date of the replay in the filename.

2. Categorize Replays by Game Mode or Hero

Categorize your replays by game mode or hero to make it easier to find specific replays when you need them. This can be especially helpful for analyzing your performance with a particular hero or in a specific game mode.

3. Use Tags or Labels

Consider using tags or labels to further categorize and organize your replays. This can help you easily find replays based on specific criteria, such as maps or opponents.

4. Backup Your Replays

Backup your replays regularly to ensure that you don’t lose any valuable data. Consider using a cloud-based storage solution or an external hard drive for easy access and secure storage.

5. Share Your Replays

Sharing your replays with others can help you improve your gameplay and create new content opportunities. Consider sharing your replays with coaches or other players in the ML community for feedback and analysis.

Some successful replay management and organization strategies include creating separate folders for different game modes or heroes, using spreadsheet software to track and categorize replays, and using third-party software to analyze and improve gameplay based on your replays.

How to View ML Replays

View ML Replays

What if you only want to view the ML replays? It’s also easy, here’s the step-by-step:

  1. Save the replay of the match you want to watch.
  2. Go to the My Replays section and tap the replay you saved.
  3. Control the playback and switch perspectives as you watch.

That’s how you can view ML replays. You can use this feature to learn from your mistakes, improve your skills, or just enjoy your epic moments.

Final Thoughts

That’s everything about how to recover replays in Mobile Legends. Whether you use the built-in features of the game or opt for third-party apps like xRecorder, the process is straightforward and accessible even for beginners. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can effortlessly save, organize, and share your replays.

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