What is Eklipse.gg? A complete info guide

Are you a new streamer looking for an accessible but free tool to take your streaming to the next level? If it sounds like you then you are in the right place. We are here to introduce you to Eklipse.gg! Now you may have questions like what is eklipse.gg? Why do you need eklipse.gg? How does it work? Stay with us and we will explain everything.

Eklipse will make your life easier by taking on all your tedious streaming tasks. It will make streaming fun and post-streaming stuff a breeze. We can tell you that once you start using it you will not be able to stop. Let’s learn how then shall we?

From casual streamer to highlight king. Eklipse unlocks the hidden potential of your gameplay. Create, share, and conquer!

What is Eklipse.gg?

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Eklipse.gg is a powerful AI tool that will automatically convert your streams to highlights. With just a few easy steps, you can get the best highlight clips for all your social media. All you have to do is connect your account to Eklipse after logging in. You can log in to Eklipse using your email or Twitch or Facebook gaming account. After you are logged in, you can connect any account from YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitch, Kick, and even your Discord to Eklipse.

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You don’t need any downloads or pass an extensive learning curve to use Eklipse, just a standard PC and you are all set. Eklipse offers many eye-catching but very practical features to help growing and pro-streamers alike. You can use Eklipse to make stunning highlights. Use Eklipse Studio to edit those highlights then and there or convert them to Tiktok/Reels/Shorts. Now that you know what is Eklipse.gg here, try it for free!

Why choose Eklipse.gg?

This may be your next question, you may want to know why should you choose Eklipse.gg? Well, because it is simply an amazing free tool to try and test. We know that is not enough to have you sold so allow us to sell you on this product.

Here are some cool Eklipse features to consider,

Eklipse.gg Features:

Make clips Using Our AI Highlight

Eklipse can not only make you a set of highlights from your streams but it allows you select whatever highlights based on your need. Get chain kills, single kill, headshots, best rounds, victories and even funny moments. Eklipse supports all popular titles and many more of your favorite games.

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Convert your clips to TikTok and More!

You can convert your epic gaming moments to short form videos for Tiktok/Instagram Reels/YouTube shorts.

Weekly Showcase

Get a collection of your stream highlights over the week in a montage. It is a video exhibit for all your best highlights from all your streams over the previous week. You simply have to enable the showcase option and Eklipse will automatically make it for you every Monday.

Edit & Customize Your Gaming Clip

You can customize your Tiktok/Reels/Shorts & even your weekly showcase. For weekly showcase, select the duration of your montage anywhere from 60 seconds to over 3min. Place your own channel logo and adjust the placement. Select the background track of your choice for your showcase.

For your short form content, as we mentioned above, use custom templates, add music, stickers and more. Eklipse will automatically edit your clips but you also have an option to manually edit them based on your preference.

Share and Make it Viral!

You can download your clips after editing to share them later. However, Eklipse allows you to instantly share your clips to any of your social media. If you do not want to download your clip just convert, edit and share directly to your socials.

Gaming Community

Eklipse has a thriving community across social media. Find us on Twitter for all news and updates. Check us out on Instagram and get featured on our feed with your Eklipse highlights or find other streamers who have been featured. Join our discord community for feature suggestions, general discussion and more.


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What is Eklipse.gg Premium?

Other than the free plan, in which you can get some of our amazing features, there’s also a Premium Plan.

Eklipse just dropped a game-changer for streamers: a simplified premium plan that packs all the punch you need to level up your content. Gone are the days of juggling different tiers – now, one premium plan unlocks all the epic features you crave, for a single, monthly price.

So, what’s in this content creation treasure chest? Well, get ready to unleash a whirlwind of highlights. You’ll have unlimited access to Eklipse’s AI-powered clipping magic, effortlessly slicing your VODs into bite-sized brilliance. Plus, you’ll get 600 YouTube credits to fuel your social media fire, with platforms like TikTok and Instagram begging for your next viral clip.

And the best part? This premium powerhouse costs just $19.99 a month. If you’re a free user hungry for more, this is your chance to grab the golden ticket to streaming success. Dive into the Eklipse Premium universe and watch your channel soar!

Eklipse’s New Simplified Premium Plan is Now Active!


Surely, our discourse was enough to convince you to give our excellent tool a fair chance. Eklipse not only has a thriving community of streamers from everywhere but we also have a blog for streaming tips, game news and of course Eklipse guide and news. We hope that you know what is eklipse.gg by now.

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