How to edit a video clip using Eklipse

Editing videos is an art. While some have to master it, some apps can make the editing process seamless and convenient for you. Regardless, you do need to learn how to add smooth transitions to the video, trim the irrelevant parts, and compile different clips together, In today’s blog, I will tell you how to edit a video clip using Eklipse’s editing tools.

So without further ado, let’s begin!

What is Eklipse?

Eklipse is primarily clipping software. It functions via a powerful AI-based algorithm that automatically generates the highlights of the best gaming moments from your streams. Once you connect your Facebook gaming account or Twitch account with Eklipse, the AI will begin doing its work.

Besides being a clipping software, Eklipse also lets you edit your clips and videos via a beginner-friendly and convenient interface. You can edit and trim your videos, compile them, and add filters, themes, sound effects, music, and smooth transitions to them.

How to edit a video clip using Eklipse: Step-by-step guide

Follow these steps to edit your video clip using Eklipse’s interface.

  1. Log in to Eklipse using your username and password.
  2. Now upload the clips you want to edit using Eklipse.
  3. You can trim the clip using the trim tool.
  4. To mask the abrupt cut in the clip, you can add a transition to smooth things up.
  5. By clicking on the plus button, you can add text to your clips.
  6. You can select the resize menu to change the aspect ratio of your clips and turn them vertical, horizontal, or square.
  7. Once you are done editing your clips, you can go ahead and save the project.


So that’s how you can edit your video clips using Eklipe’s editing features. Eklipse’s interface makes the process easy and seamless.

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