How to Play Axie Infinity Origin and Earn Money

axie infinity origin
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Axie Infinity: Origin has just opened the Early Access event, but its presence immediately went viral among crypto game enthusiasts, especially those who are Axie Infinity gamers.

After the success of the Axie Infinity game, Sky Mavis as a development team has re-launched the latest blockchain game titled Axie Infinity: Origin which comes with several improvements compared to the previous version.

Previously, Axie Infinity: Origin was scheduled to launch on March 31 yesterday. However, due to the Ronin Wallet hacking case some time ago, the developer finally decided that Origin would be released on April 7, 2022.

Well, if you are curious about this latest version and want to try the various new features that are presented, you should first consider the explanation about Axie Infinity: Origin below!

About Axie Infinity: Origin

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Photo source: Axie Infinity: Origin opens the Early Access stage.

The success of Axie Infinity as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) game inspired the development team, Sky Mavis, to bring about big changes. Moreover, they released the latest version titled Axie Infinity: Origin.

Axie Infinity: Origin is the latest NFT game that is not much different from the first version. But in this version, you will find various improvements, ranging from storyline, gameplay, to game mechanics.

Currently, Origin is still opening the Early Access stage with the aim of gathering feedback and gameplay data that will be needed to develop the game before it will be released in the full version.

In addition to presenting various updates that make gameplay even more exciting, the Axie Infinity: Origin update also brings a number of fresh features that will make you even more addicted. What are these features?

  • Free starter Axies : In Early Access, you will get 3 free Axies to start the game.
  • Upgraded Axie Art : Make Axie look more visually special.
  • Eye & Ear Cards : In this version, Axie’s eyes and ears can also be equipped with cards.
  • Rage Mechanic : Critical Hits is now replaced by Rage Mechanic.
  • Reset Energy/Cards : In each round, the cards and energy will be reset.
  • Runes/Charms Power Up : Runes and Charms can now be upgraded.

Keep in mind, all progress and resources that have been collected in the Alpha version will be reset when the Alpha period ends. So take advantage of the Alpha period to understand how to play this latest version of Axie Infinity.

In-Game Currency & NFT Items

Before starting to play and invest in Axie Infinity: Origin, make sure you find out the information on the prices of tokens and NFTs being traded. Check the information below to find out the progress!

Axie Infinity Token Price Today

Origin is still not officially released and all transactions are not yet using the blockchain system. However, this game is confirmed to use Axie Infinity (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens upon release.

The price of Axie Infinity (AXS) tokens today is equivalent to IDR 790.019, while the Smooth Love Potion (SLP) token price is equivalent to IDR 307.61 according to the CoinMarketCap website on April 8, 2022.

NFT Assets in Axie Infinity

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During the Early Access period, Axie Infinity: Origin has not yet presented a collection of NFT in the game so that players can focus on learning the gameplay before deciding to buy NFT in the marketplace.

Later when Axie Infinity: Origin is released, the NFT items that will be traded will be the same as the first version. Some of them are Axie characters and cards with varying levels of rarity.

How to Register

Actually, there are two different ways to register for Axie Infinity: Origin, namely for existing players and new players. Of course, the method is very easy because you just need to follow the steps below!

Existing Players

All marketplace accounts will be moved to the new Sky Mavis system. To play, please login to your Sky Mavis account and install Origin on your device. After that, login using your email and password as usual.

To sync Axies on your Origin account, click Axies on the Home Screen. Then, tap the Sync icon at the top of the page. Axies will be directly linked to your Axie Infinity: Origin account. It’s easy, right?

New Players

For new players, open the Origin game and click Register to create a Sky Mavis account. After the account has been created, you can directly login and play this game with that account.

For the record, if you intend to buy Axie NFT, you will need to create a Ronin Wallet account and make a deposit or buy Ethereum (ETH) coins.

How to Play

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Axie Origin is the latest NFT game that has started to steal the public’s attention recently. Although it has not been released in the global version, you can learn the gameplay and how to play the game first.

As an introduction to Early Access, you will get 3 free non-NFT Axies to start playing. That way, every player can feel the excitement of the gameplay before deciding to buy Axie NFT.

In addition, the Origin version brings different gameplay and mechanics that were not present in the first version. Therefore, old players and new players still have to learn how to play so that later they can earn money.


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