How To Create A Highlight on Instagram

If you’re using Instagram, you need to know how to create a Highlight. Instagram Stories are perhaps the strongest feature on the platform aside from Reels. Stories are temporary images or videos that you can post, viewable for a limited time by your followers. All major social media platforms have adopted Stories, which shows them as the future of social media.

The power of Instagram Stories

Stories are where you’ll be noticed by your followers. If you want to be noticed, be seen as spontaneous or just provide day to day fun updates for your followers, you need to be creating Stories! A more engaging medium than regular posts, Stories disappear after a set time, but in the event that you want a Story to be ever present on your profile, learn how to create a Highlight!

Highlights on Instagram

A Highlight involves taking your preferred story segments and compiling them into a saved highlight reel. This Highlight then appears on your Instagram profile for as long as you want, and is front and center above your posts!

Some of the perks involve increased brand visibility, increased interaction and showcasing your favorite moments at the top of your profile!

The main attributes of the Highlights are:

  • Highlights Covers – This gives an option to add a custom image or an icon that will represent the topic of the stories that are saved inside;
  • Highlights Name – This gives you an option to name the Highlight the same as you do with naming folders.

How To Create Instagram Highlights

Instagram Stories

Now that you’ve decided to enter the world of Instagram Highlights, there are two ways to create a Highlight on Instagram;

  • Create Highlight from an Active story – Post your Story and manually save it in a Highlight
  • Create Highlight from Existing stories – If you have enabled the Archive Option, your stories will be saved automatically in your profile’s Archive. These can be used to create Instagram Highlights whenever you want.

Create a Highlight on Instagram from an Active Story

Once you’ve posted a Story and want to add it to Highlights;

  • Tap on the Story
  • Tap on the Highlight button at the bottom of the screen
  • Add your story to an existing or new Highlight

Once you’ve done this, your Highlight will be available to view for your followers in both your Story and in your Highlights after 24 hours.

Create a Highlight on Instagram from a Story Archive

Users also have the option of creating Highlights from their Archives. To do so, simply;

  • Visit your Instagram profile and tap the Story Highlights button
  • Tap the + button
  • Tap and select the archived Stories you want to add
  • Choose a Name for your Highlight
  • Choose a Cover for your Highlight – either from the Story itself or a custom thumbnail
  • Post your Highlight!

Editing existing Highlights

You can always choose to add or delete stories from existing Highlights. Simply tap and hold on the Highlight, choose Edit and choose the Stories you want to add! You can also choose to Edit Cover to choose a new cover image for your highlight.

Adding Streaming Clips to Highlights

You can now add your top gaming clips to your Instagram Highlights! Start off by using Eklipse, our A.I tool to extract the best moments from your gaming clips. Then add those Clips to your Instagram Highlights and make your mark!

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