Go viral on YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are all the rage on social media, with the short form video standard competing directly with TikTok. Built into the YouTube experience on both the mobile and PC, Shorts are a great way to go viral! But just how can one go viral on YouTube Shorts? The answer, is simple!

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts 101

Shorts are essentially the platform’s short form vertical video answer to Snapchat and TikTok. With 60 seconds at their disposal, content creators can create videos of any kind, and possible go viral! YouTube Shorts are especially revolutionary for game streamers who can use it to supplement their online streaming.

How to go viral on YouTube Shorts

The approach to going viral on Shorts is a little different than making regular YouTube long form content. Today we’ll be detailing some ways on how to do that!

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1. Create a Hook

You need to hook the audience between 15-60 seconds, which is a lot harder than it sounds. Shorts are about capturing the audience’s attention before they swipe to the next video. Even YouTube advises against videos longer than 15 seconds, unless what you have is really good!

Either use your phone’s in-built editor, online editors, or even YouTube Shorts’ own recording tool to edit. Combine your segments together, add cool audio or text and experiment!

A short video with a title and intro that hooks viewers from the start, with engaging content is vital to establishing yourself among the masses.

2. Get super creative with your content

Regular YouTube videos often need high level editing and production value to stand out. With YouTube Shorts, the primary focus should be pumping out quick content. This is a medium where the content counts more than how it looks. The mere fact that you have your phone’s YouTube app on hand at all times, means you can create on the fly.

3. Frequency and more frequency!

When you’re not bogged down with slick production values, you can focus more on getting the creativity flowing. The key is consistently making videos and putting them out there. The more you create, the more views you get and the greater your chances to go viral! Focus on putting out at least one or two Shorts per day if not more. This also helps give you an indicator on what works and what doesn’t. See which of your content garners consistently high views, and focus on that genre.

4. Create for Mobile not PC

Odds are that most of your views are going to come from mobile. This is why shooting in vertical orientation is super important. If you shoot in landscape, no one scrolling through shorts is going to change their phone’s orientation, meaning you miss out on views! This ties into capturing the attention of your audience, because you need to assist them in committing to your Short rather than scrolling past it.

Streaming and Highlights on YouTube Shorts

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Source: Den of Geek

Another way to go viral on YouTube Shorts is if you’re a game streamer! You can post epic clips from your gaming highlights to Shorts to appeal to the massive gaming demographic. Unsure of how to do so? We’ll make it simple for you!

Source: Eklipse

By using Eklipse, our A.I powered tool, you can simply paste your game streaming URL and Eklipse will create the best highlights automatically! You can then post these clips to YouTube Shorts to supplement your streaming endeavors! You can even crop YouTube Shorts using Eklipse!


To sum up the above, we cannot give you ideas on what content can become viral. The choice on which niche to occupy and which audience to target lies with the creator. However, these steps are a foolproof way to ensure that if your content is solid, will lead you down the path to becoming viral on YouTube Shorts! We’ve even got more guides on the differences between Shorts and other platforms, and info on the YouTube Shorts Fund!

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