How Do You Crop A YouTube Video Shorts With Eklipse?

As one of the most popular features nowadays, YouTube shorts video has become a favorite of streamers. It’s like they have found another way to post their streaming clips aside from TikTok or other platforms. But how do you crop a YouTube video Shorts?

That’s an easy question to answer. We actually have an AI-generated highlight creator called Eklipse that will provide you with convenience in terms of editing and clipping highlights. You don’t need any extra effort to do it. Just sit and wait.

So without any further ado, we’ll give you the directions on how to crop the YouTube shorts video using the Eklipse tool. Let’s dive right in.

What You Need To Prepare Before Using Eklipse

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Before you start using our editing tool, we suggest you prepare some sort of things that will support you in the future. They are:

  • Twitch or Facebook account
  • A valid Email account
  • Free sign up on Eklipse

Once you are ready with Twitch or Facebook account, you can start to sign up with Eklipse. You can do it very easily. Look at the steps below:

How do you crop a YouTube video Shorts 2
Source: Eklipse
  • Head up to, then do register for your account
  • You can either sign up with an email, Twitch, or Facebook account
  • If you decided to sign up with your email, the fill-up the blank fields with your credentials
  • Then, simply click Register
  • Use Twitch or Facebook account if you want a more simple way to register

Now you’ve got your Eklipse account. In addition to that, you need to connect your account to Eklipse first. Do you want to know how to do it? You can read our previous article, as we’ve already written for you.

How To Cut A YouTube Video Shorts With Eklipse

How do you crop a YouTube video Shorts
Source: Eklipse

Now it’s time to edit your YouTube shorts using our AI-generated tool. All you need to do is follow the directions below:

  • First, open the shorts video you desired to crop from YouTube
  • Copy the URL
  • Then, go to the Eklipse website, and you’ll find a Paste your link here box. You’re gonna paste the URL here
  • After that, Eklipse will redirect you to the registration page. Just login with your registered account
  • See the left panel, click Video library
  • Find your video in the Streams option
  • Then, click Unclipped Streams
  • To start editing your shorts video, click Edit Clips
  • If you want more convenience, just use Premium Edit and allow our tool to process it
  • You’ll be brought up to the editor section. Explore all your wishes here. You can crop, cut, add music, transition, or anything you need.
  • Satisfied with the result? Hit Save, and select the format

Just keep in mind that the YouTube shorts video size ratio is 9:16, as well as TikTok or Instagram reels. So, do not forget to set it well.

However, YouTube’s short video doesn’t have to be vertical. You can change the size as long as it’s square. Additionally, YouTube shorts video size width and height is 600 x 600 for minimum, and 1080 x 1080 maximum.


How do you crop a YouTube video Shorts?” That’s one of the most classic questions recently. But don’t worry, we got covered your question by introducing you to the Eklipse AI tool. You are now able to create highlight clips easily and greatly, or just do some editing stuff to your video. Go try it now.

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