How to download a video from Athenascope?

With the recent sad news about Athenascope closing down its services, you might be wondering what happens to the clips. If you’re wondering how to download a video from Athenascope, we’re here to help! To put it simply, you have until today to download your clips, whether you’re a user or a fan!

If you’re an Athenascope user, you can directly download videos from the Athenascope website. But if you want an alternative, here are two options:


The first (and easiest) way to download your videos is to use Eklipse! Our simple yet powerful A.I tool is not only an alternative to Athenascope, but can be used to download videos! Simply paste the video link into the Eklipse URL box and it downloads the clips through the power of A.I!

Additionally, if you’re an Athenascope user who is looking for an alternative, look no further and register! Eklipse can be connected to your Twitch account, which can then automatically extract your best highlight clips! Here’s a short guide on how to connect your Twitch account to Eklipse.

Online video downloader

There are a plethora of options that can be used to download videos from Athenascope before we say goodbye to the service forever. We have our top three picks in store for you below;

Online Video Converter Pro

Online Video Converter Pro is a free online app which can work with URLs to download any online video with ease! Simply paste your Athenascope URL into the box on the website, and download your video!

Source: Online Video Converter Pro


Acethinker is another free online video downloader which works on the principle of URL downloads.

Source: Acethinker

Save The

Last on our list is Save The Video, which is another free and easy to use online video converter. As with any online video converter, take your Athenascope video link and paste it in the URL box. Simple!

Source: Save The Video


Now that we’ve established the fact that Athenascope’s services are set to close down forever, we’re excited about welcoming streamers on board Eklipse! Join our Discord server, and sign up with our A.I tool!

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