Instagram discontinues IGTV

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Why has Instagram discontinued the IGTV App?

Instagram has discontinued the IGTV App in favor of Instagram Reels, after introducing the feature back in 2018. IGTV was envisioned to compete with YouTube, with longer videos and ad based monetization for Creators.

Instagram began as a much loved image sharing social media space, but over recent years the Meta led platform has set their sights on short videos.

Instagram Reels are the new hot feature for Instagram, intended to be a direct competitor to TikTok. But what did that mean for Instagram’s IGTV?

  • Instagram clarified that they discontinued IGTV to make the video sharing platform more simplified
  • The platform further pledged to focus and invest more on Reels

Reels vs the discontinued IGTV App

With Instagram Reels, the platform features new and innovative features for anyone and everyone! Users can record and edit short multi clip videos with new creative tools, and other effects! Add music, audio effects and even AR to your clips!

Are Instagram Reels for you?

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The biggest change from IGTV is that Reels are more focused on short form entertainment. This makes Reels perfect for content creators, streamers and musicians.

If you’re a Creator wanting to make it big, you can make your public account Reels available through a new space in Explore. Reach bigger audiences and even enable monetization through a new ad system! You may even end up in the Featured section, making your content more easy to become viral!

Discontinued IGTV and Creators

But what of the IGTV Creators who were monetizing successfully? Is Reels that much different to the now discontinued IGTV? Well not really, Instagram is all in on Reels.

Instagram has revealed that they will invest 1 Billion USD on Creators by the end of the year. Furthermore, existing IGTV Creators would continue to receive payment from Instagram based on recent content.

Instagram Reels and Game Streaming

With Reels, the power of short form videos comes full circle for game streamers. Post your best gaming clips in the form of Reels and watch your audience grow. Don’t know where to start? Have our Eklipse A.I Tool do the job for you! Sign up, clip your best gaming moments automatically, and post them to Reels for the gaming world to marvel at!

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