What Does NPC Mean on TikTok? Here’s The Answer

Using TikTok regularly? You must be familiar with the acronyms that many people used there, such as FNF and GRWM. Aside from that, you will also find the short-form like NPC recently. But what is NPC meaning on TikTok?

Many TikTok users are wondering about it since its appearance. Additionally, these acronyms are a common practice for creators to communicate quickly. So, if you don’t want to be out-of-dated, you can find the answer through our article. Let’s just dive right in!

NPC Meaning TikTok

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NPC is actually an abbreviation of a sentence. It means a Non-playable character. If you belong to the gaming world, this term sounds pretty common.

NPC is the system-defined character who can only move to the specified pattern. When it comes to TikTok, NPC represents people who act as if they are told by someone to do certain manner although they’re not.

In another word, TikTok users use this term to call someone who acts in a particular way that’s not called for. This is basically a term for joking. Therefore, you can use NPC term not only for gaming content, but also for comedic, fitness, or any other content you think does make sense.

Additionally, people on TikTok use this term as a hashtag like #NPC. And until today, this hashtag has garnered 1.2 billion views and counting. That’s just amazing.

What Is NPC Behaviour?

Recently, the term has been used online to describe people who seem to follow a script or ideology blindly, without much thought or independent thought.

Here’s a quick list of characteristics often associated with NPC behavior:

  • Repeat catchphrases or talking points they hear from authority figures or media without much critical thinking
  • Lack of independent thought and original ideas
  • Quick to conform to groupthink and suppress dissenting opinions
  • Tend to be very polarized in their views and unwilling to have a dialogue or consider other perspectives.

Although it’s fun to watch and follow, it’s worth noting that using the term “NPC” to describe someone’s behavior can be seen as dismissive or insulting, so it’s best to use it carefully.

How To Explore Popular NPC TikToks

In case you want to see any TikTok video related to NPC, you can just search for the NPC hashtag by typing #NPC in the search bar.

There will be a lot of NPC TikTok videos you can watch. Most of them are funny videos. In addition to that, the videos below are several examples of the NPC video on TikTok.

Source: TikTok @tb_johnn

You can see from the videos above that the people within do certain unnecessary acts as if they are told to. Moreover, they are actually not. This is a fun thing to see, isn’t it?


There you go. Those who keep asking “what does NPC mean on TikTok?” now have understood well about it. Furthermore, you can make one follow the trend. Make sure that you find the interesting object that represents NPC very well.

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