Far Cry 6 – The Seeds of Love locations

In the Far Cry 6 Seeds of Love mission, you’re tasked with finding all of the rebel Lorenzo’s love children. Why? It’s Far Cry so it’ll probably be a wacky reason.

You’re apologizing on behalf of Lorenzo for being a bad, absent father. That’s right, for decades too. Of course, Lorenzo is less than helpful, and you only get a few photos to mark the locations on this popular game. No other map markers to hep. With a map as big as Far Cry 6’s, you’re basically relying on luck to stumble upon these locations!

But don’t worry! We’re here to help you find these tricky Far Cry 6 spots to save your precious time!

Seeds Of Love Locations

Voila! Here’s your first look at where to find these long lost children.

Source: Ubisoft

Thankfully, Lorenzo’s children are scattered around the southern part of the Far Cry 6 map. The above image is a rough look at where each location is. For those of you who are adventurous, this should be good enough. For the more time conscious players, read on for detailed locations!

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1. Alfaro farm

Source: Ubisoft

The first is found on a hill west of Verde Lake and North East of Verde River. The red building is easy to spot if flying. If you speak to the woman she’ll tell you her husband is dead and you can find him in the graveyard. Head to the marker that appears and when you reach the graveyard head uphill until you find the ‘ghost’ and hand them the letter. 

2. Santo Domingo

Source: Ubisoft

Your point of interest is the orange and blue building. You’ll probably hear some shouting which is your cue. The person you want is locked on the top floor of the house. Open the door by climbing the building opposite and shoot the padlock through the window!

3. Oceguera Farm

Source: Ubisoft

Your target is present amongst the straw thatched buildings on the mountainside directly east of the Basilica De La Virgin. Once you arrive and explore, head to the workshop nearby. A Far Cry 5 Easter egg involving the hallucinogenic Bliss drug will lead you to one of Lorenzo’s children.

4. Perdomo Farm

Source: Ubisoft

A large signboard makes life easy! Arrive at the location and locate a key hidden under a hat in one of the thatched structures. Then, use the key to open the locked red door just behind the seated woman and speak to the man inside. 

5. Barriga

Source: Ubisoft

Tick another love seed off the list! Get to the white house which will be surrounded by paintings on the waterfront. After clearing away some soldiers outside, speak to the man inside.

6. Flores Farm

Source: Ubisoft

When you find the statue by a river, head away from the water to a red building where you’ll find a dog. Once you pet the dog, follow it. No more from us, because – spoilers!

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7. Corazon Ally, Concepcion

Source: Ubisoft

Once you find the painting in the provided picture, Dani will comment about the graffiti on the wall. This will help you find the person you need. The easy tip? Find someone who is currently painting the walls with a spray can!


There you have it! Once you’ve delivered the letters, you’ll have complete the Far Cry 6 Seeds of Love mission! On to more wacky Far Cry hijinks!

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