How To Link Amazon Prime To Twitch From PC and Mobile Phone

how to link amazon prime to twitch
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Becoming a Prime member could give a lot of benefits to Twitch users. But to get access to the goodies and other exciting perks, you’ll need either Prime Video or an Amazon Prime account. If you have created an Amazon Prime account, now let’s learn how to link Amazon Prime to Twitch.

Connecting the Amazon Prime account with your Twitch account is quite straightforward. You’ll only need four simple steps to do and boom! It’s all done. Let’s take a look at the tutorial.

How To Link Amazon Prime To Twitch From Desktop

Follow the guide below to connect your Amazon Prime to your Twitch account. Let’s go!

  1. To begin with, open the Prime Gaming site in your browser.
  2. Once there, hit the Sign in link in the top-right corner to sign in to your account.
  3. Then, click Activate Twitch Prime once you drove back to the homepage.
How To Link Amazon Prime To Twitch
Hit this button | Source: Business Insider
  1. Make sure the Amazon and Twitch accounts displayed are the right ones. 
  2. After that, simply click the Confirm button to seal the deal.
Confrim your choice to continue linking your Amazon Prime and Twitch account | Source: Business Insider

How To Link Amazon Prime To Twitch On Mobile

In addition to PC, you can also link your Amazon Prime account to Twitch through your mobile phone. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Starting off by opening the mobile browser.
  2. Open the Prime Gaming site.
  3. Next up, log in to your Amazing Prime account by hitting the Sign-in button.
  4. In case you are not a Prime member, click the Try Prime option.
  5. Navigate to the profile icon.
How To Link Amazon Prime To Twitch On Mobile
Hit the profile icon to open the drop-down menu | Source: Android Police
  1. Tap on Connect a Twitch account under the drop-down menu.
Tap on this link to connect both account | Source: Android Police
  1. You’ll be redirected to enter the Twitch details you want to link.
  2. Finally, once you’re logged in, your accounts are now linked!


So that’s how to link your Amazon Prime to Twitch via PC or mobile. Now that your Amazon Prime account has been linked to your Twitch, you can start claiming and enjoying the freebies!

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