How to Record Twitch Streams: A Complete Guide

Whenever you want to share your Twitch streaming to other social media such as YouTube, the Twitch VOD is always accessible within 2 weeks. However, there are several things VOD doesn’t allow you to do. But you can cover all the issues by learning how to record Twitch streams using the right streaming software.

By recording your Twitch streaming, you can have a higher-resolution video or add some extra features to make them look cooler. That’s why this article exists. So, without further ado, let’s get to know how to record on Twitch.

How to Record Twitch Streams Using OBS

There is no doubt that OBS is one of the most recommended software both for streaming and recording screen. It features many comprehensive tools and most importantly, beginners are still able to learn how to use it. Then, take a look at the tutorial below.

Step 1. Be sure that you have connected and set up the gear. Make sure that the camera and mic can work well on your computer.

Step 2. Download and install OBS Studio as your preferred recording software.

Step 3. Then, get the stream key to connect OBS Studio to Twitch. Do it by heading to Profile Picture on the Twitch homepage at the top-right corner of the screen. Then, hit Dashboard and click the Stream Key heading. Click the Show Key button to get the streaming key and copy it to use later.

How to Record Twitch Streams
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Step 4. Once you’ve gotten the stream key from Twitch, now set up the OBS Studio by heading to Scenes and Source. Do right-click on the Sources box, then select Add and select Display Capture.

how to record on Twitch
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Step 5. Select Create New, name it with whatever you want, and hit OK.

How to Record Twitch Streams Using OBS
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Step 6. Hit Mode and select Capture any fullscreen application. Click Capture specific window if you play a windowed game

Step 7. Connect OBS Studio to Twitch by heading to Settings, selecting Streams, and choosing Streaming Services. Then, select Twitch.

Step 8. Paste the copied stream key from Twitch to the stream key box on OBS Studio. Select the closest server and click OK.

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Step 9. Click on Start Streaming and Start Recording button to simultaneously stream and record your gameplay.

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How to Share Twitch Stream Record to Other Platforms

After knowing how to record Twitch streams on a PC using OBS, now you have got your streaming video in your device library. You can then post the video to your YouTube account by following the guide below.

Step 1. Start over by heading to the YouTube website and logging in with your account.

Step 2. Then on the homepage, click the create ‘+’ button at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3. After that, hit the Upload video option.

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Step 4. Select the recorded video you would like to post from your gallery, and tap Next.

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Step 5. Write a title, and description, and choose the best thumbnail for your video.

Step 6. Finally, you can schedule the video or immediately publish it.

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Please take note that if your video is less than 60 seconds, it will be considered short and you have to set it into a specific ratio. However, if your video is more than 60 seconds, it will have a vertical aspect ratio but you can still edit it to fit into YouTube shorts.

Then what if someone is going to publish the recorded video on TikTok or Instagram? You can definitely edit them using a specific editing tool, or just turn them into incredible clips. Thankfully, Eklipse can help you to do all of those things.

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Now that you have known how to record Twitch streams, you can try it now and share your cool recorded video on other social media to increase your engagement. Happy recording!

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