Can You Really Make Money Streaming on Kick? The Creator Program Explained

Livestreaming has exploded in popularity! People love sharing their passions and connecting with viewers, but making a steady income from streaming can be tough. That’s where the Creator Program steps in.

This program aims to help streamers build a reliable income based on the time they put in and the audience they grow.

So, what’s the deal with the Kick Creator Program? Can it really give streamers a steady paycheck? Let’s dive in and find out!

What is Kick Incentive Creator Program?

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The Kick Creator Program is a reward system for streamers who build a community on Kick. Though still under development, streamers are already excited about it.

Back in January 2023, a streamer named Trainwrecks talked about three things that make Kick’s program stand out and promise a more stable income for creators:

  • Big cut of the pie: Creators get a whopping 95% of the revenue from channel subscriptions, with only 5% going to Kick.
  • Donations keep it rolling: You get 100% of the money from any donations viewers send you directly on Kick.
  • Hourly hustle: On top of that, Kick pays eligible streamers an hourly wage based on a few things: how long you stream, the average number of viewers you have, viewer demographics (like age and location), and how engaged they are (think comments and likes).

There’s a catch when it comes to getting paid, though. You can use Stripe, which pays you in a lump sum on a specific day each month or get an instant payout in Bitcoin or Ethereum after your stream ends.

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What are the benefits of the Kick Creator Incentive Program?

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Kick is a revolutionary live-streaming platform that empowers creators to keep a significant portion of their earnings. Unlike other platforms that take a hefty cut, Kick gives creators 95% of their subscription revenue. This generous compensation model rewards creators for their hard work and dedication to building their communities.

With Kick, creators are not just entertainers; they are entrepreneurs who are valued and supported by the platform. The more a creator’s community grows, the higher their earnings potential becomes.

Additionally, creators can apply for the program without the need for a manager, making it easier than ever to start earning a living from their passion.

Kick vs Twitch vs YouTube Creator Monetization Program

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Kick is surely making a buzz among creators, as it offers some truly irresistible benefits compared to other platforms.

Kick promise to give a 95:5 subscription revenue share is the biggest, and others can’t even compete with that.

For example, Twitch splits subscription revenue 50:50, which means you get half and Twitch gets the other half. Meanwhile, YouTube has a 70:30 revenue split, where you get 70% and they keep the remaining 30%.

How to Join Kick Incentive Creator Program

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Joining the Kick Creator Program is pretty straightforward, but there are a few hurdles to clear first. It’s kind of like becoming an affiliate marketer – you need to build a little audience base. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Get at least 75 followers on your channel. This shows Kick you’re building a community.
  • Stream for at least 5 hours. They want to see you’re committed to creating content.

Once you hit these milestones, you can apply to join the program and start earning those sweet rewards.

Creator Incentive Program Public Launch

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So, has this Kick Creator Incentive Program been publicly launched? Quoting from the latest news on the Kick official site, this program is finally ready to be released on the Kick Creator Dashboard.

Streamers need to met these following criteria for the program:

  • You need to follow Kick’s TOS, Community Guidelines and DMCA Policy.
  • You need to have a verified ✅ channel on Kick before you can apply to KCIP.
  • You need to complete your Kick channel profile with links to your social media and a description in the “About” section.
Metrics Average CCV (30 Days)100
Stream Hours (30 Days) 50
Unique days streamed (30 Days)15
Direct Subscriptions (30 Days) 25
Unique Chatters (30 Days)500
VODs (30 Days) 3
Followers 1500

These metrics may change over time, but they serve as a reference for streamers who want to join the program. Soon, you will be able to apply directly from the Kick Creator Dashboard, where you can also monitor your performance metrics in real-time.

If you meet all these metrics, email Kick at using the email you registered with Kick. Don’t forget to include your Kick username and they will get back to you as soon as they can.

Meeting these requirements is the minimum to apply, but it does not guarantee that you will be accepted. If you are not successful, don’t worry, Kick will give you some feedback on how to improve your chances for the program.

Final Thoughts

The Kick Creator Program is a promising program for streamers looking to make a steady income. It offers a generous revenue share (95% to the creator, 5% to Kick), allows creators to keep 100% of their donations, and has an hourly wage system based on stream performance.

However, there are requirements to join the program, including having at least 1500 followers and averaging 100 concurrent viewers over 30 days. Overall, the Kick Creator Program is a great option for streamers who are serious about building a career on the platform.

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