Posting The Twitch Clips To Shorts Easily

Posting Twitch clips to Shorts is one of the best ways to enhance your discoverability and enlarge the viewer community. This platform has gained more popularity since it’s first launched several years ago. Additionally, you can use it as a place to share and introduce your streaming video through the clips.

Yes, through a clip. As the name suggests, YouTube Shorts shows shorter videos than regular YouTube. The video must be less than 60 seconds and in a vertical orientation. It’s so much like TikTok or Reel. So if you want to transfer your Twitch clip into YouTube Shorts, make sure the clip has met the requirement.

In today’s article, we’re going to guide you on how to put your Twitch clips into Shorts. It may take several steps, but we promise, it won’t be difficult. Without further ado, let’s dive right into the tutorial.

Turning The Twitch Clips To YouTube Shorts

Posting The Twitch Clips To Shorts Easily

The first thing before sharing your clip video to YouTube shorts, of course, you need to have the clip. Whether from the live streaming or from the saved ones, you have to make some clips ready for posting.

If you want to know how to clip a Twitch stream, you can either use the Twitch clip feature or other Twitch converters. But if you are looking for the best Twitch converter, try Eklipse. Eklipse is basically an AI-generated tool that will help you turn your stream videos into amazing clips in seconds. You can even convert your stream video into TikTok, Reel, or Shorts clip in a snap!

All you need to do is connecting your Twitch account with Eklipse account, and let the AI load your streaming videos. Then, you can simply pick the video you would like to clip and the AI will do its magic. Go to our blog for more tutorial about Eklipse!

On top of that, Eklipse enables you to upload your video directly to Shorts without downloading and posting it manually. As long as your clip has met the Shorts criteria, YouTube will automatically detect it as a Short clip. Want to give it a shot? Just visit or hit the following button and play around with our features!

Posting The Twitch Clips to Shorts

Since you have the clips, meaning that you’re now ready to post them on YouTube Shorts. It’s quite easy to do it. However, if you haven’t know how just follow our directions below.

  • First, open YouTube mobile app and log in to your account
  • Second, tap the ‘+’ sign in the middle of the bottom toolbar
Twitch Clips To Shorts
Source: Business Insider
  • Then, choose to Create a Short
How to Make YouTube Shorts: a Beginner's Guide
Source: Business Insider
  • Tap on the gallery icon at the left bottom of the screen
  • Select the saved clips on your gallery
  • Adjust the length of your video > tap Add > tap the checkmark icon
  • After that, you can add sounds, text, filters, or anything
  • Tap Next
  • Then, write a caption, set the visibility, and select the audience
  • Finally, hit Upload Short
How to Make YouTube Shorts: a Beginner's Guide
Source: Business Insider

It’s worth noting that if you use Eklipse as your clip maker, you won’t need these steps to post your Twitch clips to Shorts since Eklipse will bring you directly to the YouTube app. So, if you feel like saving your time, try Eklipse!


There you have it. Now you have your Twitch clips to Shorts. Isn’t it easy to do? Now is your turn to do it yourself and post the greatest Shorts you can make. Good luck!

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