How to Download and Edit Twitch clips with Eklipse: Free and Easy Guide

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Looking for a way to easily download and edit your Twitch clips? Eklipse is the perfect tool for you!

With Eklipse, you can download your Twitch clips in just a few clicks, and then edit them to your liking using a variety of features, such as trimming, cropping, adding text and overlays, and more.

Curious to learn more about it? Keep reading to find out the easiest way for download and edit your Twitch clips with Eklipse here!

Download and Edit Twitch Clips
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Download and Edit Twitch Clips By Saving broadcasts to Twitch

Before you can download and edit your Twitch broadcasts, you need to ensure that they’re available to you. Coincidentally, this can be done from the Content Manager built into Twitch itself. The steps are simple enough and are laid out below;

  • Login to your account
  • Click on your Profile at the top-right corner of the screen
  • Find Settings > click Channels and Videos 
  • Click Settings > Streams > Store Past Broadcasts
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Download and Edit Twitch Clips
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Your streams will now save automatically for later downloading. Lets get into how to use Eklipse to download and edit Twitch clips!

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Download and Edit Twitch Clips Using Eklipse – An A.I Tool

Eklipse is an A.I tool with the power to extract your best gaming highlight clips with a click of a button! Simply paste your URL and you’re ready to go! The best part though is that you can use Eklipse to download as well as edit clips from Twitch! Let’s jump in and see how;

Download your Twitch clip with Eklipse

Pasting a URL to your game stream is where you start. Gaming clips are then generated automatically by the A.I software! Our intelligent A.I will pick out the best moments of gameplay and compile them into a short clip, which you can then download.

Download and Edit Twitch Clips with eklipse
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We would recommend connecting your Twitch streaming account to Eklipse, and enable auto-processing in your account settings. This will enable the Eklipse tool to automatically download your streams and create epic montages, leaving you more time to game!

How to connect your account with Eklipse

The easiest way to connect your stream is through your account home page. On your home page, you should see options to connect your stream from Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube. Select the platform you want to connect to and follow the instructions. Check out our guide on how to do so!

sign up to eklipse
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Editing Clips through Eklipse

Eklipse can not only generate highlights from your streams, but can also be used for editing!

The powerful in-built studio allows you to edit your generated clips together into a compilation video ready to be shared on your social feeds. Once in the studio, you can select the clips you want to be featured in your highlight and then add additional features, such as text, music, and memes!


In conclusion, Eklipse is a powerful tool that all streamers can use to take their content to the next level. Whether by downloading your Twitch clips, or by editing them for social media, Eklipse enables gamers to keep evolving!

Don’t forget to try Eklipse today! Click below to sign up for Eklipse for free and get a special discount on premium. Happy streaming!

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