6 Twitch Streamer Tools To Try For Twitch Growth

Serving excellent content for the audience is vital to generate traffic. With great content, viewers are more likely to stay on your channel. But, growing a channel needs something more than that. Thankfully, numerous Twitch streamer tools and plugins will help you to achieve that.

You might haven’t known yet that Twitch actually offers everything you need to support your streaming career, including sound alerts, donation plug-ins, sponsoring tools, analytics tools, and more. Let’s take a look at them.

1. SullyGnome: One of The Most Essential Twitch Streamer Tools

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Source: SullyGnome

A not-trending content will probably be less visible since there aren’t many people interested in it.

Therefore, it’s important to know what’s happening in the Twitch sphere, including the trends, the most-watched, and most-streamed games, and the most-viewed streams, or else before you started to create content.

but thanks to SullyGnome, since it can provide all information about that kind of stuff. SullyGnome is basically a statistical and analytics tool for Twitch. If you are serious about growing channels, then this tool is best for you.

2. Twitch Tracker

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Source: Twitch Tracker

Another analytic tool alternative is Twitch Tracker. Just like SullyGnome, Twitch Tracker enables users to keep track of the Twitch ecosystem and their channel performance.

The difference between this tool and SullyGnome is, it can serve the analytical approach with comparison. This helps you to observe other channels’ performance so that you can note what things that make a channel grow, and which don’t work. 

3. TipeeeStream

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Source: TipeeeStream

Donations play an important role to make money from Twitch. As a streamer, you will be able to receive donations from your viewers as a form of support. On Twitch, viewers will donate to you with some bits which later can be changed into dollars.

Additionally, TipeeeStream allows you to accept donations from PayPal, Minar Bitcoins, or via credit card. What’s even more interesting is this tool can showcase personalized-screen alerts for donations and subscriptions you received. 

4. Twitch Emotes: One of The Most Fun Twitch Streamer Tools

One of The Most Essential Twitch Streamer Tools
Source: Fiverr

What makes Twitch a good place to have fun is that it offers you tons of hilarious emotes to react to other streamers or viewers. Given that, you can drive engagement through chat with these emotes.

Moobot, one of the most popular emote tools can automate messages that tell your viewers where to get the best emotes to share in chat.

5. Sound Alerts

One of The Most Fun Twitch Streamer Tools
Source: Sound Alerts

Sound Alerts is an easy tool that allows you to give your community a chance to cheer you on as you go live on Twitch with a collection of sound effects on your stream.

Aside from that, this live streaming tool also enables you to upload your customized sounds and even offers a Twitch overlay and chat notification.

6. Virtual Audio Cable

Source: VB Audio Virtual Apps

The last thing that shouldn’t be missed out from our list is Virtual Audio Cable. This works by creating virtual audio devices that simulate an audio adapter.

This adapter will later connect to the input and create a loopback so you can speak and listen to music simultaneously during streaming without needing a separate device. In another word, this tool could be an audio bridge between applications and transmits sounds from one device to another, or from one app to another app.


Now that you know some good Twitch streamer tools, you can use them to succeed on Twitch. Hopefully, these tools work significantly for your Twitch channel.

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