CZN Burak Profile: The Famous Chef’s Age, Career in 2023

Discover the captivating journey of Burak Özdemir, better known as CZN Burak, a Turkish sensation who has taken the culinary and online community by storm. From his humble beginnings in Yayladağı, Hatay, to becoming a globally recognized chef and entertainer, delve into the life and achievements of this remarkable individual.

Who is CZN Burak?

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Burak Özdemir is a Turkish personality known by his stage name CZN Burak. Born on March 12, 1996, in Yayladağı, Hatay, Turkey, he falls under the Pisces zodiac sign. With a towering height of 195 cm (6’5″) and a weight of 74 kg (163 lbs), he has a distinct physical presence. His hair is black, complementing his dark brown eyes.

Apart from his notable online presence, CZN Burak wears multiple professional hats. He is a chef, restaurateur, YouTube star, and TikTok sensation. He pursued his education at Terakki Vakfı Okulları and Anadolu University. His interests span across cooking and watching football, showcasing his diverse passions.

His online persona is prominent across various platforms. You can find him on Facebook as Czn Burak Official, on Twitter as @CznBurak, on Instagram as @cznburak, on TikTok as @cznburak, and on YouTube as CZN Burak Official.

Coming from a close-knit family, he is the son of İsmail Özdemir and Didem Bozbura. He also has a brother named Uğur Özdemir and a sister named Aylin Özdemir. While CZN Burak has captivated audiences with his culinary and entertainment skills, his romantic life remains veiled. He prefers to keep his dating history private.

How much CZN Burak earns?

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CZN Burak has a lot of money, roughly between $11 million and $12 million. Most of his money comes from his business and the money he makes from his YouTube channel.

On YouTube, he could make around $35.7 thousand to $570.7 thousand each month, according to Socialblade. So, in a year, he might earn about $428 thousand to $6.8 million.

CZN Burak became a cooking influencer because he noticed that there weren’t many cooking videos on social media.

He started sharing videos of himself cooking, and people from different countries loved them. This made him famous around the world.

One of his videos about making a huge 40-inch kebab became really popular, and that’s when his career really took off. He even made a video where he cooked a whole ostrich, and people loved that too.

What’s interesting is that he always looks at the camera while cooking, without looking at the food he’s making.

Apart from being famous for cooking, he also owns restaurants. He’s the boss of the Hatay Civilizations Table restaurant chain in Turkey.

He has opened many branches of his restaurant all over Turkey. His dad was also a chef and had restaurants, so CZN Burak is following in his footsteps.


  1. Burak owns a chain of restaurants called Hatay Civilizations Table.
  2. His father, İsmail Özdemir, owned a restaurant named Zeytindalı Restaurant in Istanbul.
  3. Burak is renowned for creating numerous incredible recipes.
  4. He had always aspired to become a chef.
  5. His grandfather also had a background as a chef.
  6. Starting at the age of thirteen, Burak began working at his father’s restaurant.
  7. Spending time with his family is something Burak enjoys.
  8. There are reports suggesting that he battles a brain tumor.
  9. Roasted food is among his favorite things to eat.
  10. Burak possesses a philanthropic nature.
  11. He frequently receives requests to cook specially for celebrities.
  12. Burak had the honor of meeting the UFC Lightweight Champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov.
  13. His aprons consistently feature his embroidered name.


CZN Burak shines as a luminary figure in entertainment industry. With an intriguing blend of gastronomic expertise and charismatic online presence, he has etched his name in both the digital and culinary spheres. From his family roots to his philanthropic endeavors, and his innovative culinary creations to his charming online persona, CZN Burak continues to inspire and delight audiences worldwide.

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