Disguised Toast Net Worth, Age, Career and More [2023]


Jeremy Wang, known as Disguised Toast, had a unique path compared to many Twitch streamers. Prior to starting his content creation career, he had worked for several companies. However, he has now established himself as one of the most successful streamers, accumulating hundreds of millions of views and millions of subscribers across different online platforms. Let’s delve into Disguised Toast’s net worth in 2023 to know more about him!

Disguised Toast Net Worth 2023

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DisguisedToast has accumulated his wealth through various avenues such as gaming, streaming, ad views, sponsorship deals, and merchandise sales.

1. Twitch

Disguised Toast generates income from live streaming, gaming, advertisements, donations, and subscriptions on Twitch. He gained popularity on Twitch in 2018 and became a notable streamer. In 2019, he switched to Facebook Gaming but occasionally streamed on Twitch, where he created blind eDating content for his 2.4 million followers. During this period, he turned off his donation and ad buttons, encouraging his followers to support “smaller streamers” instead.

Disguised Toast has also shared in one of his videos that he was making over $14,000 per month from Twitch ads and subscriptions, with approximately 4,000 subscribers.

2. YouTube

As of 2022, he has amassed around 3.6 million subscribers and over 1,039,944,746 views. Based on this trend, he would be earning more than $150,000 annually from YouTube ad revenue alone.

3. Merchandise Sales

Disguised Toast also has his own merchandise available online. He sells limited edition ‘Disguised Toast’ plushie pillows for $24.99 each. For more information and shipping charges, you can visit www.disguisedtoast.com.

4. Sponsors of Disguised Toast

As a popular streamer, Disguised Toast has attracted multiple sponsorship deals and business opportunities. Some of his notable sponsors include NCSoft, Stunlock Studios, Respawn Entertainment, HTC Gaming, Amazon, HyperX Gaming peripherals, and NeXon.

5. Facebook Gaming Pact

In 2019, Disguised Toast signed an exclusive deal with Facebook Gaming, ceasing his gameplay streams on Twitch. His move to Facebook Gaming was highly successful, making it one of the fastest-growing channels, reaching over 1 million subscribers in less than a year.

Disguised Toast Personal Life

Jeremy Wang, popularly known as “Disguised Toast,” was born on November 25, 1991, in Taipei, Taiwan. However, when he was less than a year old, his family relocated to Penang, Malaysia, where he spent his formative years. Later on, they moved to Canada when his older brother enrolled in university.

Disguised Toast attended the University of Waterloo, where he pursued a three-year degree in Mathematics with a specialization in Computer Science.

Before transitioning into full-time streaming, Disguised Toast worked as an app developer for renowned companies and brands such as Mercedes-Benz, NFL, and Royal Bank of Canada.

How Disguised Toast Made His Money

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Jeremy launched his YouTube channel in 2015, primarily focusing on informative videos for Hearthstone, a digital card game. He also creates content related to tactical gameplay strategies for games like TeamFight Tactics and various online games.

In 2017, Disguised Toast began streaming on Twitch and quickly gained popularity, eventually becoming one of the most watched Twitch streamers in 2018. His success as a streamer attracted offers from major companies for exclusive contracts. However, in 2019, he encountered issues with Twitch and faced temporary bans for reasons that were unclear. As a result, he ultimately signed an exclusive streaming deal with Facebook Gaming.

In October 2017, Jeremy Wang joined Offline TV, a collective of online gaming content creators and renowned Twitch streamers, including Pokimane, Michael Reeves, William ‘Scarra’ Li, Yvonne Ng, and LilyPichu.

While Disguised Toast initially gained recognition through Hearthstone, he has also become well-known for playing other popular battle royale games. Some of the games he engages with are Hearthstone, TeamFight Tactics, PUBG, League of Legends, Fortnite Battle Royale, Among Us, Apex Legends, and Elden Ring.

Jeremy has achieved notable tournament rankings throughout his gaming career. He has won multiple Hearthstone Tournaments and has also placed in tournaments for battle royale games such as Fortnite and League of Legends.

He participated in the ONOG Major Circuit but was unfortunately disqualified for oversleeping and was unable to compete. Nevertheless, he still managed to place among the top thirty-two participants and received a share of the allotted prize money.


Disguised Toast started streaming because he simply loves playing online games. Even after working as an app developer for big companies like Mercedes-Benz and the NFL, he decided to become a full-time gamer and streamer. It shows that you can turn your passion into a career, and there’s nothing more fulfilling than doing what you love.

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