GeorgeNotFound Net Worth, Personal Life, Career in 2023


GeorgeNotFound, a popular British YouTuber and Twitch streamer, has gained significant fame and success across multiple platforms. With millions of followers, he has turned his streams into a highly profitable business, earning tens of thousands of dollars each month. Let’s explore how he achieved such wealth.

GeorgeNotFound Net Worth 2023

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Currently, GeorgeNotFound main sources of income are his Twitch and YouTube channels, along with his merchandise store. In terms of his estimated net worth, it is speculated to be at least $2.5 million. Now let’s break down his earnings from different platforms.

1. Twitch

As a popular Twitch streamer and a partner of the platform, GeorgeNotFound earns through ads, donations or bits, and subscriptions. While it’s difficult to determine his exact earnings from ads and bits, as of March 2022, he has 10,668 active subscribers. With a monthly subscription fee of $4.99, the channel generates approximately $53,233. After Twitch takes its share, George’s earnings from the platform alone could be around $26,617.

2. YouTube

According to data from Social Blade, George’s YouTube channel, GeorgeNotFound, earns an estimated $2.1k to $34.3k per month or $25.7k to $411.1k per year. In addition to his main YouTube channel, he also has other channels that contribute to his overall earnings.

3. Merchandise

George also has a merch store where he sells hoodies, shirts, headwear, and drinkware. With a dedicated fanbase that supports him, it’s safe to assume that he earns a significant amount of money from this venture as well.

Considering these figures, it’s possible that GeorgeNotFound’s net worth exceeds $2.5 million. If his career continues to grow as it has in recent years, it’s likely that he could reach $5 million or more in the near future.

GeorgeNotFound Personal Life

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GeorgeNotFound, or George Henry Davidson, born on November 1st, 1996, in London, England, UK. He is a college graduate and currently resides in Brighton, England, UK. He stands at a height of 5′ 9″ (175cm) and weighs 143lb (65kg).

Not much is known about his personal life, but in a video uploaded in 2020, George disclosed that he is color blind, specifically of the Protan type. People with Protan color blindness struggle to differentiate between red and green, and their eyes are less sensitive to the color red.

In that video, Dream, a streamer and a friend of George, helped him distinguish colors while they played together on their private server. George also tried wearing color blind glasses, which allowed him to see a broader range of colors. It was impressive to see him distinguish colors that he had difficulty with before. Despite being color blind, he is skilled at playing Minecraft.

Many people asks who is Georgenotfound girlfriend? Unfortunately, he has not shared any information about his dating life with his fans. Speculations and guesses about his relationships have been circulating, but George has not confirmed anything at this time.

Many fans ship GeorgeNotFound and Dream due to their close relationship. Although they joke about it during streams, there is no confirmation about their respective relationships. However, George once jokingly “friend-zoned” Dream in a clip he uploaded, and Dream responded with a playful “violent” reaction. Whether they are just joking or there is some truth to it, only they know the answer.

As of early 2022, George, Dream, and Sapnap announced that they will be living together in a house called the “Dream Team house” for the next five years.

GeorgeNotFound Career Journey

George’s passion for computers and coding began long before his YouTube career. He pursued a degree in Computer Science while in college.

During his university days, he spent his spare time playing Minecraft and eventually became a coder for the MunchyMC Minecraft server. It was on this server where he first crossed paths with Dream, and their friendship blossomed.

Dream later invited George to join the Dream SMP server, where they and their fellow YouTubers played Minecraft together. With his frequent appearances on their channels, George decided to create his own online persona called GeorgeNotFound. The name was suggested by Dream when he couldn’t find George’s original username, which was GeorgeeHDPlays. The name GeorgeNotFound was born as a play on the “Error 404 not found” message combined with his name.

Currently, GeorgeNotFound is one of the most renowned Minecraft gamers on Twitch and YouTube. Although he doesn’t release content at a high volume like some other streamers, he focuses on delivering quality videos. Quality over quantity is his mantra.

Now, George primarily streams Minecraft. However, he has also ventured into playing other video games such as Among Us, The Jackbox Party Pack, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Phasmophobia, and Crab Game.


GeorgeNotFound is an inspiration to aspiring gamers. He shows us the importance of following our passions and making friends in the gaming community. With his commitment to making great content and gaining more fans, GeorgeNotFound is making a big impact in the gaming industry.

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