Niana Guerrero Bio, Trivias, Net Worth, Profile in 2024

Niana Jose Evidente Guerrero, better known as Niana Guerrero, is a multi-talented Filipino. She’s made a name for herself as a dancer, singer, TikTok figure, and YouTube star.

Her rise to fame began when she and her brother Ranz Kyle started posting dance covers on YouTube. With her numerous talents and captivating performances, Niana has garnered a substantial fan following. Let’s delve deeper into her life story!

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Who is Niana Guerrero?

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Niana Jose Evidente Guerrero, better known as Niana Guerrero, was born on January 27, 2006, in Quezon City, Philippines. She falls under the Aquarius zodiac sign and is a Filipino by nationality. Her religious affiliation is Christianity. Niana has made a name for herself in various fields, including dancing, singing, YouTube, and TikTok.

When she’s not busy with her diverse talents, Niana enjoys hobbies such as dancing and singing. You can find her on social media platforms like Facebook (Niana Guerrero Official), Twitter (@nianaguerrero), Instagram (@nianaguerrero), TikTok (@nianaguerrero), and YouTube (Niana Guerrero Official).

Niana Guerrero’s family includes her father, Nino Guerrero, and her mother, Elcid Evidente Guerrero. She has a brother named Ranz Kyle Ongsee and three sisters: Natalia Guerrero, Nina Stephanie Guerrero, and Chelsea Hilary Ongsee.

Who is Niana Guerrero boyfriend? Regarding her romantic life, Niana keeps her dating history private and hasn’t shared any information about her past relationships or current boyfriend.

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Niana’s Career Journey

Who is Niana Guerrero real siblings?

Niana Guerrero’s journey as a dancer began in 2010 when her brother, Ranz Kyle Ongsee, made a Facebook page and shared videos of her dancing. People liked it a lot, and the page got millions of likes and followers. They continued posting videos on Instagram and Facebook.

Following her brother’s lead, she started her own YouTube channel in 2013. The first video on her channel was a dance video made by her brother when she was younger.

A year later, AwesomenessTV noticed them and started promoting their videos. To try something different, they began making funny and prank videos. This new direction was a big hit, and their fanbase grew. By April 2022, Niana’s YouTube channel had over 14 million subscribers.

In that same year, she received two awards at once: the Most Effective TikTok Content Creator Award and the German Moreno Youth Achievement Award.

Wondering about her earnings? Based on our data, Niana’s estimated net worth ranges from $1 million to $3 million, mainly coming from her career as a TikTok and YouTube star.

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Source: Gluwee – niana guerrero mother
  • Niana is very close to her brother, Ranz Kyle Ongsee.
  • She’s the second youngest in her family.
  • Niana has a strong passion for dancing.
  • They have a mini dance studio in their house for her and her brother.
  • She’s into making music and can play the guitar.
  • Niana is incredibly famous in the Philippines and has fans both at home and abroad.
  • She’s collaborated with international artists like K-Pop soloist Jeon So Mi.
  • Niana and her brother have released a few songs together.
  • She started practicing dance at the age of three.
  • Her dad, Nino Guerrero, is a school teacher.
  • Her sisters, Chelsea Hilary Ongsee and Natalia Guerrero, are Instagram stars.
  • Niana is afraid of clowns.
  • She enjoys painting.
  • Her favorite Netflix genres are superheroes and comedy sitcoms.
  • She loves watching the animated series Tom and Jerry (1989).


Niana Guerrero’s profile teaches us some important lessons for becoming a successful content creator. To achieve success like hers, it’s crucial to be dedicated, flexible, and open to working with others. Niana’s passion for what she does, her consistent content creation, and her ability to use different social media platforms have all played a big part in her success.

Plus, she’s shown that collaborating with others, even people from other countries can help you grow and be more creative. Niana Guerrero’s story reminds us that if you have talent, work hard, and connect with your audience, you can make it as a content creator.

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