Eklipse New Feature Update: Extend Clips for a Perfectly Captured Highlight

Ever get frustrated when your best gaming live-stream moments don’t make it into the automatic highlights generated by Eklipse AI?

You’ve just put on a perfect live stream, but the AI-generated clip cuts off just before your quad-kill. Or worse, it’s a janky clip that cuts off in the middle of your sentence.

Eklipse knows what you need, so we’re launching a new feature called Extend Clip. With this new feature, you can customize the length of your clips to perfection!

What is the Extend Clip Feature?

For those who aren’t familiar with how Eklipse works basically, all you have to do is upload your stream video. Eklipse’s AI will then generate multiple clips from your stream, highlighting the most important moments.

Extend Clip is Eklipse’s newest feature that allows users to customize the length of clips generated by our AI. It’s easy to use – simply drag the scrollbar or enter timestamps as desired.

In short, Extend Clip gives users complete control over the results of Eklipse’s highlights.

Try the Extend Clip Feature NOW!

To try the new Extend Clip feature, make sure you have an Eklipse account. If you don’t have one, you can sign up here.

Then, make sure you subscribe to an Eklipse Premium Plan to get early access to the Extend Clip feature. This new feature is only accessible for Premium Plan subscribers.

You can choose the Monthly Premium Plan for as low as $15.99 or the Annual Premium Plan for as low as $99.99. Want to learn more about Eklipse Premium? You can read about it in the following article:

What Is Eklipse Premium? Feature and Benefit

You get to stretch the timestamp up to 5 minutes before and after the chosen clip. In that span, you then can whip up a maximum 3-minute clip with your favorite moment! There are no limitations – you can customize your clips at any point in your stream. The power is in your hands.

However, the Extend Clip feature is currently only available for Twitch streams. So, only your Twitch streams can be extended.

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How to Use Extend Clip on Your Stream

After signing up for an Eklipse account and subscribing to a premium plan, you’ll get early access to the Extend Clip feature. A new Extend Clip button for editing timestamps will automatically appear when you want to edit a specific clip.

For more details, check out the step-by-step guide for the new Extend Clip feature below:

1. Stream as usual on Twitch. Make sure you’ve connected Twitch with your Eklipse account.

2. Navigate to https://eklipse.gg/home. Log in with your Eklipse Account.

3. Click “Stream/Video”

4. Choose the stream you want to edit.

5. Choose which clips you want to extend.

6. Click “Extend”

7. A slider with timestamps will appear. Simply drag the slider to adjust the duration to include the moments you want to include. It will let you extend your current highlight 5 minutes before and after and the adjusted highlight can be saved with a maximum duration of 3 minutes.

8. When it’s perfect, click the “Create New Clip” to process. Wait for your clip to be processed.

9. To see the progress, click “Edited by You”.

10. Click the “Extended/Trimmed Clip” tab. Your ongoing clip will be available in the “In Progress” menu.

11. Once the clip is ready, you can see it by clicking this dropdown and choosing the “Converted” option.

12. You can download it or directly share it with TikTok/Shorts/Reels. Click the “Share” button and choose which platform you want to share the clip to.

13. You can also convert it into vertical highlights first before sharing by clicking the “Convert to TikTok/Shorts/Reels” button.

14. You can also add the Extend Clip to your playlist by clicking the “Add to Playlist” button.


Say goodbye to frustratingly cut-off clips and embrace the power of Extend Clip. With this game-changing feature, you’ll have complete control over your stream highlights, crafting masterpieces that will have your viewers begging for more. 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Eklipse Premium today and experience the power of Extend Clip. Your stream highlights will never be the same.

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