Eklipse Announcement: Storage Policy Update

Exciting changes for storage and service at Eklipse!

We understand that providing cloud storage is a huge help to countless streamers, allowing them to store and manage all sorts of clips from Eklipse securely. Previously, all clips were saved for 14 days on the dashboard, with an additional 45 days on the Playlist for both Free and Premium users.

However, to maximize your content creation convenience, the latest update from Eklipse has doubled the cloud storage period. Check it out here!

Eklipse Storage Policy Update: Important Changes

Eklipse Storage Policy Update
Source: Eklipse.gg

For Free Plan users, enjoy 14 days of storage for dashboard and Playlist clips—ideal for reviewing and sharing highlights.

Premium Plan subscribers get an exclusive perk—90-day Playlist storage, offering flexibility to curate content, engage audiences, and plan social media posts strategically.

Premium users also benefit from additional 90-day storage for “Edited by You” clips, nurturing creativity and maintaining a library of best moments.

This update will also affect the Weekly Showcase, Montage, BRB screen, Starting Soon screen, Playlist, and Content Planner functionalities as they rely on the time when a clip is generated.

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How to Make the Most of the Update

To ensure you can sift through your clips for your content creation journey beyond the new 14 days of storage on Playlist, we highly recommend upgrading to the Premium Plan!

By going premium, you can get extended storage and additional perks to elevate your social media presence to new heights. Additionally, you can enjoy other exclusive features from Eklipse such as Voice Command, auto processing without watermark, scheduled posts, and 3x faster AI video processing speed.

At Eklipse, we’re dedicated to providing the best tools and features to support your streaming ambitions. We hope these changes to our storage policy will enhance your Eklipse experience and further empower you as content creators and streamers.

Final Thoughts

Eklipse’s free users will get 14 days of storage for the dashboard and Playlist. Meanwhile, the premium users will receive an even bigger benefit: 90 days of storage. That’s a new exclusive perk just for you!

Thank you for being a part of the Eklipse community. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to seeing your creativity shine through your AI highlights and content. Go premium now and enjoy Eklipse’s exclusive features!

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