Eklipse Update (12/22): Warzone 2 Auto Clipping Optimization

Our latest update on the Warzone 2 Auto Clipping Capability

We know that you guys love clipping your Call of Duty gameplay so much using Eklipse.

Since the release of Warone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 auto clipping support on Eklipse, we hear that you are experiencing a rough experience with the AI clip production.

But don’t worry! We always hear your feedback and in today’s update, we are optimizing the Eklipse auto clipping capability on the Call of Duty: Warzone 2.

Call of Duty Warzone 2 AI (beta) Bug Fix – December, 12th

Eklipse Warzone 2 AI Auto Clipping Optimization (Dec 12th)

We are seeing that you guys are actively clipping your games using Eklipse AI auto-clipping.

But, we also watch that our AI is sometimes a bit off in producing the clip. We are seeing that Eklipse AI sometimes clips your pre-game lobby, capturing your “be right back” scene, or creating clips that are too short.

In today’s update (Dec, 12th), Eklipse AI optimizes the auto-clipping capabilities of your Warzone 2 gameplay stream.

To sum it up, here are the 3 areas we are optimizing in the backend for the Eklipse AI auto clipping on Call of Duty: Warzone 2:

  • Remove pre-game lobby kills
  • Extend clip duration with Wz2 kills
  • Optimizing the AI so it won’t capture your BRB scene

With this optimization we hope that Eklipse AI can capture every Warzone 2 perfectly, so you can share the clip we produce straight to social media easily without editing it first.

Hope these updates will increase the quality of your Warzone 2 clips and don’t be shy to share your feedback on our Warzone 2 AI auto-clipping capability from the latest update!

Warzone 2 Auto Clipping Prioritization

Warzone auto clip

Oh … one more to update here.

Since Warzone 2 has been hot lately, we are seeing that you guys are highly active and stream your gameplay.

So, to satisfy you all demands, we are now prioritizing the Eklipse AI Warzone 2 stream clipping.

However, if you play another game, you don’t need to worry about this since we still process other game streams as usual. 

We only tweaked a bit on the AI prioritization to Warzone 2 since the demands have been high lately.

That’s all the updates for today. Hope you guys enjoy the update on the Eklipse AI auto-clipping optimization on Warzone 2.

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