An ex-Athenascope User Review on, The Good and The Bad


We know that as a streamer, it’s always good to have more content

More content means you can grow your online presence, attract new audiences, and ultimately grow your channel in the future.

But creating more content means more time invested in video editing, post-production, etc. 

That’s why we built Eklipse!

We want streamers to liberate themselves from the time-consuming video editing process, and spend time on more valuable activities; either it interacting with their audience or simply taking a well-deserved break.

Talking about how helps streamers to streamline their content creation process, you might want to hear Daygon07’s story.

He was an ex-Athenascope user that decided to give Eklipse a try and ended up loving the product so much since it really helped him in the content creation process.

An ex-Athenascope Users Take on Eklipse, The Good and The Bad

Daygon07 is an avid web developer, a gamer, and a content creator himself. 

He streams on Twitch, playing PUBG most of the time while sharing tips on streaming and broadcasting on his YouTube.

Other than his “Daygon07” handle, he also produces a podcast and writes articles under the name of “A Gaming Podcasts” brand.

With so many hats he wears in his life, we acknowledge that his take on Eklipse is not something that we can simply brush off.

1. The Good

“This has been by far the best platform since Athenascope untimely departure.”

Daygon07 on his YouTube video

Daygon07 himself really appreciates how Eklipse helped him create more content from his streams.

“It’s so easy to use. You just need to connect your account, streams, and the AI does all the work for you”, he says in his video. itself currently supports all the major streaming platforms, from Twitch, to YouTube, and Facebook Gaming as well.

Eklipse latest update on the Warzone 2 Auto Clipping Capability

For the clip creation, he noted that the Call of Duty clip works “really-really well”. He says that all the multi-kill highlights were captured precisely by the Eklipse AI.

Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 is something that we really worked on. Back on November 26th, we released Call of Duty: Warzone 2 AI capturing capability and just optimized it to capture the highlights perfectly on December 22nd

Other than that, he also mentioned the Eklipse Discord community that is closely knit and works a really good job of handling all the feedback.

So if you still consider using Eklipse, you might wanna join our Discord to know more about us! 

Also, we understand that you are the “playmaker” of this game, so we encourage you to give feedback to us, so Eklipse can serve you better.

2. The Bad 

We know that not everything is always sunshine and rainbows though. 

Daygon07 also mentioned some meaningful feedback, especially on the AI clip creation capability and the TikTok video editors.

From the clip creation capability, since we are leaning towards Warzone 2 while it is hot, it made some other games feel … a little bit left behind.

Since Daygon07 is more of a PUBG player himself, he mentioned that the Eklipse AI clip-capturing capability will need some work to create more valuable clips on the game.

From the TikTok video editing process, he mentioned that flexibility is the one that Eklipse lacks. 

“I’d like to have the ability to add images over TikTok videos, such as a logo or things like that. Have more editing capability for clips; right now you can only trim at the end or the beginning of a clip. You can’t actually edit the middle of a clip to remove the dead space or the non-entertaining moments.” Daygon07 said in his YouTube video.

The TikTok video editor capability is another area that we are currently working on. We just added the auto-caption features on December 14th, and the channel name sticker on November 18th.

So looking forward, expect more features to come to our TikTok video editor!

We really wanted to hear more feedback from the community like the one from Daygon07, so we can satisfy the needs of streamers and content creators alike!


“Overall Eklipse is a fantastic program for streamers.”

We think that quote already concludes everything that Daygon07 really appreciates from AI clip generation tools like

He then elaborate his opinion.

“The Ability to save time with automated clips, long-form content, edit and post directly to social media; And you don’t need any video editing knowledge, you can create nice looking short-form content: All from one dashboard and on a mobile app is awesome and is a great benefit to all creators!”

Though with all the positive feedback, Daygon07 web developer side do being brutally honest about what he thinks about how Eklipse compares to Athenascope

This is his opinion on that

“In my honest opinion, it’s (Eklipse) maybe halfway there (to catch up Athenascope).

He then elaborate why Eklipse still halfway through catching up Athenascope.

“Athenascope is the gold standard in AI-generated clips because their algorithms and modeling were tuned so well. But, that does come with time, and I think Eklipse will get there. They’re growing rapidly, they’re ambitious, and they’re constantly releasing improvements to the platforms.”

Hearing about that, for us, it do hurt a little bit though 🙁

But, we know that kind of feedback and enthusiasm towards Eklipse is what we needed to grow more and serve the community better.

And yes, we are ambitious to serve you guys more 🙂

So expect more features to come in the near future!

Oh and the last thing, shoutout to Daygon07 for creating a review video on Eklipse!

So, make sure to check out his YouTube Channel @Daygon07 he shares streaming and broadcasting tips, also his Call of Duty and PUBG gameplay on his Shorts!