How to make a video for Instagram free using Eklipse

Whether you are thinking of reels or your Insta feed, videos are essential to your Instagram growth and promotion strategy. Even if you don’t own a business Instagram account, videos are a crucial part of your Instagram experience. You can either use Instagram’s built-in tools to record and edit a video or use third-party software. Today, I will tell you how to make a video for Instagram free using Eklipse’s editing tools.

So without further ado, let’s begin.

How to make a video for Instagram free using the Eklipse editing interface?

Follow these steps to create a stunning video for your Instagram account using Eklipse.

  1. Record your video for Instagram. If you want to create an Insta video for your reels, you need to make them no longer than 60 seconds. If you want to create videos for your feed, you can exceed that limit. Instagram allows you to make 10-minute-long videos for your feed.
  2. Once you have recorded your Insta video, you can upload it to Eklipse.
  3. Now you can do lots of stuff to your video like adding transitions to it, cropping it, adding sound effects, etc.
  4. If you want to trim the length of your video for Instagram, you can do so by using the trim tool.
  5. You can add transitions to your video by selecting the transitions section.
  6. Eklipse also allows you to add music of your own choice as well as sound effects.
  7. To add text to your video for Instagram, click on the plus icon.
  8. If you want to scale your video to fit a square, horizontal, or vertical format, you can do so by selecting the resize menu.
  9. Once you are satisfied with the editing of your Instagram video, you can go ahead and save your project.


So that’s how you can edit your videos for Instagram using Eklipse’s editing tools.

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