How to Resolve Template Slider or Facecam Issues on Eklipse

Eklipse is a revolutionary AI platform that allows you to create instant highlights clips from your gaming streams or long videos on YouTube. It is a highly popular tool among gamers and content creators alike. However, like any software, Eklipse can sometimes experience glitches or errors. One common issue that users have reported is that the template slider or facecam option is not working.

Want to know How to Resolve Template Slider or Facecam Issues? Fret not, since there are a few things you can try to resolve it.

1. Log Out and Log In from your Eklipse Account

The first step is to log out of your Eklipse account. Wait for a few moments and then log back in. This simple action can sometimes resolve minor glitches or errors.

2. Check If the Issue Persists

After logging back in, verify whether the issue with the template slider or facecam persists. Try using the feature and see if it now functions as intended. If the issue persists, kindly screenshot/record the issue.

3. Contact Support

If the issue persists, contact Eklipse support and explain the problem you’re facing. Provide as many details as possible, including any screenshots or recordings of the issue.

4. Bug Investigation by Dev Team

The support team will analyze your report and attempt to identify the cause of the issue. If it’s determined that the problem is a bug or a technical error, the support team will create a ticket to investigate the matter further.

5. Resolution and Follow-Up

The devs team will work on fixing the bug that caused the template slider or facecam issue. Eklipse support team will reach out to you to inform you when the issue has been resolved and the template slider or facecam option is working correctly again.

If you need more information about the issue, kindly refer to the help page below:

How to Resolve Template Slider or Facecam Issues on Eklipse

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