How to Trim TikTok Video Using Eklipse

Ever wondered about how to trim TikTok video using Eklipse? Thankfully, we got good news about that! Eklipse has now updated its features with something new and more convenient. It is the Trim-Clip feature that will let you do manual editing to your streaming videos.

Now, you can trim your TikTok videos using this new tool in Eklipse. Customize your TikTok video length as you wish with our new feature. Do you want to know how it works? Just stay tuned and read the guide below.

How to Trim TikTok Video Using Eklipse Easily

It’s quite easy to trim your TikTok video in Eklipse. You need to do the following steps.

Step 1. Register your Account to Eklipse

To begin with, register yourself to make an Eklipse account. You can use your email, Twitch account, or Facebook account. Once you’ve got your account, now you’ll see the Eklipse homepage.

Step 2. Connect your account to other platforms

Now link your Eklipse account to your Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube account. Navigate to the cable icon at the top-right corner of the page, and toggle on all the platforms.

How to Trim TikTok Video Using Eklipse
Source: Eklipse

Step 3. Choose your specific video

It’s time to select the video you are going to edit. Head to Video Library on the left-side menu, and click on the Highlights. You’ll later see some video clips either in the Highlight Clips or Single Clip box. Pick the clips you want to edit.

trim TikTok Video with Eklipse
Source: Eklipse

Step 4. Trim the TikTok video using Eklipse

Hit the Re-Clip button underneath the selected video and start trimming manually. You can adjust the selection bar under the video to set the video length. Additionally, Eklipse let you set your video duration from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

However, since TikTok only let you post 3 minutes for the maximum duration, so you can adjust your video to be 3 minutes long.

How to Trim TikTok Video Using Eklipse easily
Source: Eklipse

Step 5. Save the video

After you trim your video, type a name for your video under the Video Title on the top-right side. Then, you can save the video by hitting the Complete button at the right-bottom corner of the page. Additionally, save it as a new video or you can replace the old video with the new ones.

Source: Eklipse

Step 6. Find your edited clip

If you want to see your edited clips, you can head to Edited Clip on the left-side menu, then navigate to Trim-Clip. You can either download or directly share it to other platforms.

Source: Eklipse


Eklipse has now come with more advanced features that will fulfil your need to create stunning highlight clips or TikTok videos. And through this article, you have known how to trim the TikTok video using Eklipse. Apart from all that, our powerful AI will also assist you to generate your highlight clips in no time. Therefore, if you are interested in Eklipse, give it a try now!

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