X-mas Clip Contest Winners Announcement Is Here!


After running the Eklipse X-mas Clip Contest for almost three weeks, we have finally announced the winners via Twitch live on December 28th, 2022 at 09:00 PM CST. The stream was hosted by Eklipse’s Product Leadership, Jason Bauman a.k.a @MKNO_Obi.

Like we promised, we gave away some cool prizes to the winners – a Beacn Mix Create Audio Mixer, an Elgato Facecam, and an original Stream Deck. The top two winners were the ones with the highest scores on the leaderboard, and we picked the third winner through a lucky draw.

No worries if you missed the live announcement since we are here to sum you up all the details! Otherwise, you can also watch the video here.

Before proceeding to the announcement, we would like to thank each of you for joining this contest! Throughout the weeks, we’ve got 186 participants who submitted 671 clips in total. Those are amazing numbers and we hope to have more events and fun stuff with you guys in the future!

Now, please welcome the winners of the clip contest:

  • 1st winner (Beacn Create Audio Mixer): GamingWithMeatball
  • 2nd winner (Elgato Facecam): BubbaGotFish
  • 3rd winner (Original Stream Deck): JWood

Congratulations, champions! We hope this Christmas gift would be helpful in improving your streaming experience & productivity!

Not only did we announce the winners but also we threw a live giveaway for the viewers. Hence, we also want to congratulate three lucky winners who got free Premium Edits and 1 month Eklipse Premium Plan:

  • 2 Premium Edits each: MOUSE#0627 and JumpmeloGaming#2386
  • 1 month free Eklipse Premium Plan: DorkyAwesomeGuy

Besides that, we also ranked the top 10 participants based on the number of clips they submitted and their overall score. Check this one out, in case you made it to the top 10!

Top 10 –  Most Clips Submitted

  1. Kilo: 75 clips
  2. Uglypanda89: 66 clips
  3. GamingwithMeatball: 29 clips
  4. Daniel Gordon: 22 clips 
  5. Don Sibley: 15 clips
  6. conivor: 15 clips
  7. Travis: 13 clips
  8. TTVstoopidninja: 11 clips
  9. AtomikGamez: 11 clips
  10. DC_Gaming2k: 9 clips

Top 10 – Highest Scores

  1. GamingWithMeatball: 678
  2. BubbaGotFish: 538.5
  3. JWood: 342
  4. Don Sibley: 261
  5. DC_Gaming2K: 239
  6. Uglypanda89: 227
  7. VIGO: 215
  8. TTVstoopidninja91: 210
  9. Daniel Gordon: 189
  10. Travis: 169.2

We are overjoyed to be your Santa this year by spreading our gifts here and there! We are hopeful that the joy we had in the contest can strengthen the Eklipse community and support each other to be better streamers in the upcoming 2023. Let’s grow with Eklipse and get more awesome experience by clicking the button below!

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