Dr Disrespect Reveals $50M Price Tag to Join Kick Streaming Platform

Since its launch in late 2022, the Trainwreck co-owned streaming platform Kick has experienced an unprecedented surge in popularity among streamers.

Twitch Star xQc Signs Non-Exclusive Deal Worth Over $70M

The platform’s success was evident when renowned Twitch star xQc inked a non-exclusive deal worth an astounding $70 million. This groundbreaking partnership paved the way for other streamers to follow suit.

Just days after xQc’s announcement, popular streamer Amouranth also joined the Kick platform, although the exact value of her contract remains undisclosed.

Dr Disrespect’s Potential Move to Kick Sparks Speculation

Now, all eyes are on Dr Disrespect as he contemplates a move from YouTube, where he has been streaming since his controversial ban from Twitch. The esteemed streamer recently disclosed the amount it would take for Kick to secure his services.

Dr Disrespect Sets the Bar at $50M

In a tweet posted on June 22, Dr Disrespect shared an image of himself with a distinctive green box highlighting his face, mirroring the style of recent Kick announcements on Twitter. Concisely but impactfully, he declared, “50 Million is my number…”

Fans React to the Possibility of Dr Disrespect Joining Kick

Fans wasted no time in flooding the tweet’s replies with their thoughts on the potential inclusion of the “two-time” on the burgeoning streaming site. However, as of the time of writing, the official Kick streaming account has yet to respond.

“See you soon, Doc,” exclaimed one eager user, eagerly anticipating Dr Disrespect’s arrival on the platform.

Another fan chimed in, stating, “Giving them a bargain, respectful man.”

Persistent Rumors Surround Dr Disrespect’s Platform Switch

Rumors about Dr Disrespect’s platform switch have been swirling within the community for months, gaining momentum after the Two-Time made a comment about it during a stream in March.

Throughout this period, Trainwreck and the Kick team have tantalized fans with hints of signing high-profile personalities. The recent acquisitions of xQc and Amouranth mark the most significant additions to the platform since its inception.

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In conclusion, Kick, the Trainwreck co-owned streaming platform, has become immensely popular among streamers.

With xQc’s groundbreaking $70 million deal and Amouranth’s joining, Kick’s position in the industry is solidified. Dr Disrespect’s potential $50 million move to Kick has generated excitement and speculation. Persistent rumors surrounding his platform switch add to the anticipation. With high-profile signings, Kick is establishing itself as a prominent player in the streaming world.

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