How to Make Money on Kick Streaming – Essential Guide 2024

Kick, launched in 2022, offers a lucrative opportunity for new streamers with its favorable 95/5 revenue split compared to Twitch’s 50/50 (now 70/30). This generous split allows content creators to retain more of their earnings, making it an attractive option for monetization​​.

The platform has successfully attracted top streamers with high-profile contracts, creating a buzz in the streaming community. With fewer streamers and less competition, beginners may find it easier to gain visibility and build an audience on Kick​.

However, Kick’s association with gambling content and questions about its long-term stability pose challenges. Despite these concerns, the platform’s commitment to user-driven improvements and its rapid growth provides a promising environment for new streamers to start and succeed​.

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1. Join the Kick Creator Program


Start earning on Kick by joining the Kick Creator program, which requires 75 followers and 5 hours of streaming. As a Creator, you get a 95/5 subscription revenue share and 100% of donation income.

To become a verified Kick creator, confirm your phone number, enable 2FA, have 20 subscribers in 30 days (excluding gifted subs), average 75 viewers in 30 days, stream 12 days and 30 hours in 30 days, and engage with 300 unique chatters in 30 days.

You can earn $16 per hour if you stay active, interact with chat, stream 4 hours daily for 30 days each month, and keep your face visible during streams. Use Kick’s tools to engage and grow your audience.

2. Repurpose Your Kick Stream for YouTube Content with Eklipse

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Repurpose your Kick Stream as YouTube content to earn money. Use tools like, an AI highlight generator, to automatically clip your stream.

Share your stream highlights on YouTube and monetize your channel once it becomes popular. To do so, you’ll need 1000 subscribers, 4000 public watch hours, or 10 million Shorts views.

Repurposing your Kick content for YouTube helps you reach a wider audience and earn more money. Include calls to action in your videos to direct viewers to your Kick channel and support your content.

3. Earn Donations

How Much Does Twitch Take From Donations

Even if you’re not a Kick partner, you can still earn donations. You can use PayPal as a way to receive donations from your audience.

Encourage your followers to support your content by donating, and you’ll earn some extra cash. Tipping allows your followers to donate to you in real-time during your streams.

The more engaged your audience is, the more likely they are to donate to you. Make sure to thank your supporters and show your appreciation to keep them engaged.

4. Offer Memberships

how to get paid hourly on kick

Another way to make money on Kick is by offering memberships. Use platforms like Patreon to offer your fans the chance to be part of your community. You can offer different levels of membership with exclusive content, rewards, and perks.

As a Kick Creator, you can offer your members exclusive content that they can’t find anywhere else. This could be behind-the-scenes looks at your content creation process, early access to new content, or exclusive merchandise.

By offering your members something unique, you’ll be able to grow your community and earn more money.

5. Try Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is another excellent way to make money on Kick.

You can promote products related to your niche, and you’ll get a commission for every sale that happens via your channel. It’s a great way to earn passive income and promote products that you believe in.

Make sure to only promote products that you believe in and that are relevant to your audience. By promoting products that your audience would actually use, you’ll be able to earn more money and build trust with your followers.

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6. Start Your Own Store


Although he’s not a streamer, Linus Tech Tips’ store is one of the success stories of creator merch stores that you can learn from.

Starting your own store is another option. You can sell merchandise like T-shirts, mugs, and other items related to your niche. Use your Kick platform to promote your store, and you’ll be able to earn money from sales.

By selling merchandise, you’ll be able to monetize your Kick channel and offer your followers something tangible in return for their support. Make sure to create high-quality merchandise that your audience would want to buy and use.

7. Sell Sponsorships or Partnerships


Once you’ve built a sizable audience, consider selling brand sponsorships or partnerships. Besides paid promotions, partnerships can also provide valuable tools or services you may need.

For instance, a gaming streamer could partner with a chair company for a free gaming chair in exchange for promotion.

Choose partnerships wisely to align with your values and audience interests, ensuring you promote relevant products to build trust and maximize earnings.


1. How much does Kick pay per hour?

The initial phase of the Kick Creator Incentive Program is underway, offering creators a base pay of at least $16 per hour in addition to a 95/5 split on subscription revenue.

2. Does Kick pay $16 dollars an hour?

Yes. Kick introduces the Creator Incentive Program, prioritizing payment for streamers based on their time rather than viewership numbers. Eligible streamers can earn a minimum hourly wage of $16.

3. Does Kick pay more than Twitch?

Kick is a newer streaming platform that offers a more generous revenue share model for creators than Twitch. Kick takes a 5% cut of creator revenue, while Twitch takes a 30% cut. This means that creators on Kick keep 95% of their revenue, while creators on Twitch keep 70%.

4. What are the conditions to get paid on Kick?

To get paid on Kick, maintain wakefulness, and engage consistently with the chat during your streams, stream for at least 4 hours daily throughout each month, and keep your face visible throughout the stream. These conditions are essential for qualifying to earn around $16 per hour on Kick.


Kick offers creators various earning opportunities. As a Kick Creator, you can earn through donations, memberships, YouTube content, affiliate marketing, running a store, or selling sponsorships and partnerships. Consistently deliver quality content, engage your audience, and endorse relevant products to grow your following and turn your Kick channel into a profitable income source in 2024.

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