FaZe Ronaldo Slams Ninja After Insulting His Viewership

Image Credits: YT Stable Ronaldo
Image Credits: YT Stable Ronaldo

Fortnite sensation Stable Ronaldo dominated the streaming scene in 2021, consistently attracting over 10,000 viewers per stream. However, like many other prominent Fortnite creators, his popularity has dwindled to some extent.

The FaZe member has now transitioned to streaming different games and real-life content, resulting in a decline in viewership, though he still maintains a strong following of over 1,000 viewers.

In a seemingly unprovoked attack, Ninja took a jab at Ronaldo’s content shift and subsequent drop in viewership, despite Cloakzy and TimTheTatman attempting to restrain him from making those comments.

Ninja Ridicules Ronaldo’s Viewership

The motive behind Ninja’s remarks remains unclear, leaving both Cloakzy and Tim surprised by his statements.

Ninja claimed that Ronaldo is merely “1/20th of our following” and deemed him “completely irrelevant.” He went on to assert that Ronaldo had “failed miserably” as an IRL streamer. Furthermore, Ninja suggested that Ronaldo should return to competitive Fortnite, but he dismissed that idea, calling Ronaldo “washed” and mocking his viewership, which had dipped to a few thousand.

Stable Ronaldo Fires Back at Ninja

Despite admitting to being a fan of Ninja, even back in the days of H1Z1, Ronaldo responded to the criticism without holding back.

Ronaldo disclosed that he declined a lucrative offer of $18,000 per month to stream on Facebook Gaming, choosing instead to remain loyal to his Twitch community. He then turned the tables on Ninja, who famously made a multimillion-dollar move to Mixer.

“You sold out. You disregarded all your viewers and community for $50 million on a dying platform because all you care about is money. That’s why you’re projecting onto me, because you’re a little b*tch.”

“All you care about is money. That’s why I decided to move away from Fortnite because I couldn’t care less about it. My community despised it when I played. But you, you cling to that game because you know that when you don’t, things don’t go your way.”

Ninja Apologizes for His Remarks

Ninja faced criticism from fellow streamers for his seemingly sudden attack on Ronaldo.

Kaysan, another member of FaZe, expressed, “You’re corny as f*ck and weird. That sh*t was uncalled for. Lay off the liquor, washed-up old man.”

Privately, Ninja extended an apology to Ronaldo via direct messages, but Ronaldo wasn’t particularly receptive.

While Ninja acknowledged that Ronaldo is a “great streamer and content creator” despite his comments, Ronaldo took offense to the statement.

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As the drama began to cool down, Ronaldo took to Twitter, stating, “Appreciate the support from everyone and all the streamers reaching out, both publicly and privately. Moving forward.”

Ninja has yet to address the controversy publicly but tweeted that Tim “un-invited” him from dinner later in the day, acknowledging that it was rightfully deserved.

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