Modern Warfare 3 Maps: 16 Classic Remastered Maps Revealed

The gaming community is buzzing with excitement as Modern Warfare 3 prepares to make its grand entrance on November 10. What sets this installment apart is the inclusion of a total of 16 remastered maps from the iconic MW2 (2009), providing players with a nostalgic journey through Call of Duty’s history.

The Resurgence of Classic Modern Warfare 2 Maps

Modern Warfare 3 promises a captivating experience by reintroducing fan-favorite maps from MW2 (2009). Here’s an extensive look at the full list of the meticulously remastered maps that players can expect to explore upon the game’s launch:

  1. Afghan: Engage in intense battles in the vast Afghan desert.
  2. Derail: Navigate through a snowy train yard as you combat enemies.
  3. Estate: Experience the high-stakes action in a luxurious mansion.
  4. Favela: Engulf yourself in the chaotic streets of a Brazilian favela.
  5. Highrise: Conquer the heights of a towering skyscraper.
  6. Invasion: Take on enemies in a war-torn Middle Eastern city.
  7. Karachi: Navigate through the tight alleyways of a Pakistani city.
  8. Quarry: Battle amidst rocky terrain in an abandoned quarry.
  9. Rundown: Engage in urban warfare in a city on the brink of chaos.
  10. Rust: Prove your mettle in a desolate oil rig setting.
  11. Scrapyard: Experience intense firefights in a sprawling junkyard.
  12. Skidrow: Navigate through the gritty streets of an urban wasteland.
  13. Sub Base: Engage in submarine warfare in a classified facility.
  14. Terminal: Face off against adversaries in a bustling airport.
  15. Underpass: Seek refuge in the dark and eerie tunnels below.
  16. Wasteland: Survive in a post-apocalyptic nuclear testing site.

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Unanswered Queries

While the return of these classic maps is undoubtedly thrilling, there are still lingering questions surrounding the game. Will MW2 DLC maps like Carnival or Bailout be included in Modern Warfare 3 Maps? The answer to this remains shrouded in mystery. Furthermore, there’s uncertainty about the possibility of entirely new maps being introduced at launch, as the focus has predominantly been on the nostalgia of remastered classics.


In Conclusion Modern Warfare 3’s reintroduction of 16 iconic MW2 maps promises an unforgettable gaming experience. While some questions remain, the excitement in the gaming community is palpable. Stay tuned for further MW3 updates and get ready to embark on a nostalgic journey through Call of Duty history.

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