All Modern Warfare 3 Movement Changes: Tac-Stance & More


Modern Warfare 3, the highly anticipated sequel, is set to hit the shelves on November 10 after an official reveal through an in-game Warzone event.

This new installment promises to address community feedback and offers exciting features, including remastered maps from MW2 (2009) and a brand-new campaign featuring the iconic villain, Makarov. In this article, we’ll focus on the significant movement changes introduced in Modern Warfare 3, aiming to enhance gameplay dynamics.

Movement Upgrades

Sledgehammer Games, the developers behind Modern Warfare 3, have responded to player concerns by implementing several noteworthy movement enhancements:

Slide Canceling

Slide canceling is a highly requested feature that allows players to maintain their momentum, enabling faster navigation across the map and making them harder targets.

Reload Canceling

Reload canceling accelerates the reload process by swiftly switching weapons and back again after initiating a reload, minimizing downtime.


The introduction of Tac-Stance provides a middle ground between aiming down sights (ADS) and hipfiring, enhancing player flexibility during engagements.

Faster Mantling and Sprinting

Players can now mantle objects more swiftly while sprinting, further promoting agile and dynamic movement.

Faster Firing After Sliding

After executing a slide, players will experience faster firing capabilities, enhancing their combat effectiveness.

ADS While Sliding Perk

Equipping a specific Perk enables players to aim down sights while sliding, adding a tactical advantage during fast-paced encounters.

Tactical Sprint Enhancements

The duration of Tactical Sprint varies based on the equipped weapon class, allowing for more strategic gameplay. Tactical Sprint also recharges while sprinting.

Improved Strafe Speeds

Enhanced strafing speeds offer smoother lateral movement, contributing to overall gameplay fluidity.

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A More Responsive Experience

While each of these movement changes may not be groundbreaking on its own, their cumulative impact promises to make Modern Warfare 3 feel more fluid and responsive compared to its predecessor. Players have eagerly awaited these improvements, and they are expected to enhance the overall gaming experience.


As we eagerly anticipate the release of Modern Warfare 3, these movement changes hold the promise of delivering a more dynamic and enjoyable gaming experience. We look forward to witnessing these changes in action during the Modern Warfare 3 beta, along with the exciting addition of Zombies mode and content from MW2. Stay tuned for further updates as we approach the release date.

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