Modern Warfare 3 Price Confirmed: a $70 Standalone Game

Activision has officially confirmed the Modern Warfare 3 price, settling any doubts about its status as a standalone game. It will be priced at $70 USD, debunking rumors of it being downloadable content (DLC) for Modern Warfare 2 (MW2).

Modern Warfare 3 is a Full-Priced Game

Modern Warfare 3, scheduled for release later this year, will serve as a direct follow-up to MW2 (2022). Speculation had arisen among Call of Duty enthusiasts that it might be offered as DLC for the existing game. However, Activision has made it clear that Modern Warfare 3 is a fully-priced, independent release.

This year marks a significant milestone as it will be the first time that two consecutive games from the same sub-series, Modern Warfare, will be launched.

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Clarification on Previous Rumors

Prior to the announcement of Modern Warfare 3, rumors and leaks suggested that Call of Duty 2023 might be an expansive expansion pack, essentially extending the life of Modern Warfare 2 into a second year. This led to confusion among players regarding the status of MW3 – whether it’s a standalone game or simply an extension of Modern Warfare 2.

Activision has definitively stated that Modern Warfare 3 will be priced at $70 USD upon its release on November 10. In their statement to CharlieIntel, the publisher emphasized, “As stated in numerous Activision Blizzard quarterly conference calls, Modern Warfare 3 is a premium release. It will be priced accordingly at $70 USD.”

No Discounts for MW2 Owners

This decision also means that players who already own Modern Warfare 2 will not receive any discounted upgrade options for MW3. Instead, they will need to purchase the sequel at the full retail price, just like any other annual release.

There was some confusion when the Steam page for Modern Warfare 3 listed the game as an add-on. However, this classification is due to changes in how Call of Duty applications will function going forward. All Call of Duty games will be accessible through a single launcher called “Call of Duty HQ.” Despite this categorization, Modern Warfare 3 remains a $70 standalone game.

While some players remain skeptical about the pricing strategy for Modern Warfare 3, we’ll have to wait until November 10 to see if the game justifies its $70 price tag.


In summary, Activision has officially confirmed that Modern Warfare 3 is not a DLC but a standalone game priced at $70. This clears up confusion and discount expectations for MW2 owners. Players will assess its value upon its November 10 release.

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