Modern Warfare 3 Slide Cancel: What You Should Know

Modern Warfare 3 Slide Cancel is a hot topic in the Call of Duty community. In this article, we’ve delved into the details surrounding the Slide Cancel mechanic in Modern Warfare 3, an upcoming game set to release on November 10th.

Slide Cancel History

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Slide Canceling has been a controversial mechanic in the Call of Duty series, with various iterations appearing in games during the Warzone era. It notably disappeared in Modern Warfare 2. Let’s explore whether it makes a comeback in Modern Warfare 3.

Modern Warfare 3: Player-Focused Improvements

Modern Warfare 3 has garnered attention for addressing player feedback from its predecessor, Modern Warfare 2. Notable changes include the return of Dead Silence as a Perk, the classic minimap, and a longer Time to Kill (TTK). These adjustments have players excited about the potential improvements in the Call of Duty experience.

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Slide Cancel Mechanics

Slide Canceling was a key maneuver in Modern Warfare 2, allowing aggressive players to reset Tac Sprint for covering long distances and execute rapid slides around corners before engaging in quickfire combat. Some players embraced this mechanic for its movement advantages, while others voiced concerns about the wear and tear it imposed on controllers.

The Return of Slide Cancel in Modern Warfare 3

The great news for enthusiasts is that Slide Canceling makes a triumphant return in Modern Warfare 3, a deliberate choice by the developers at Sledgehammer Games. This addition has also been a prominent feature in their marketing campaign.

However, there’s a significant change: Slide Canceling no longer resets Tactical Sprint. While content creators and professional players may explore ways to leverage this mechanic, it is intentionally designed not to reset Tac Sprint by the game’s developers.

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Community Expectations

The community’s reaction to the return of Slide Canceling in Modern Warfare 3 is eagerly awaited. Unlike in previous games where it might have been considered an unintentional feature, in this installment, it appears to be an intentional and integrated aspect of the gameplay.

Slide Canceling is just one of several exciting movement-related changes in Modern Warfare 3. Players can also look forward to features like reload canceling, faster mantling, and the introduction of the new Tac-Stance feature. These additions promise a dynamic and exhilarating gameplay experience.


In conclusion, Modern Warfare 3 Slide Cancel is back, allowing players to master movement strategies while enjoying the numerous improvements and changes this latest installment brings to the Call of Duty franchise. With its intentional inclusion and balance, Slide Canceling is poised to be a defining aspect of the Modern Warfare 3 experience, and players can look forward to embracing its strategic potential in the heat of battle upon its release on November 10th.

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