New Twitch Safety Feature Gives Streamers More Control Over Viewers

Twitch, the popular streaming platform, is introducing an important safety upgrade that lets streamers decide who can watch their broadcasts.

Streamers have been able to stop users from chatting for some time. But now, with this new update, they can go a step further and hide their streams completely from banned individuals.

This feature fulfills a request from streamers and could change how they broadcast. It helps them avoid unwanted viewers who caused problems or harassed them.

The feature is launching in September and works right away. This means banned users can’t access streams quickly. But there’s more news from Twitch – they’re also trying out other things.

Possibility of IP Bans on Twitch

In an episode of Twitch Patch Notes, Trevor Fisher, the Senior Product Manager, hinted that they might add IP bans in the future.

Fisher said IP bans are complex, but streamers want the ability to block certain people from watching, even after banning them.

“We’re starting with this ability. We’ll listen to feedback to make it even better,” Fisher explained.

Right now, the ban doesn’t affect Video On Demand (VODs) or clips. But this could change later. Streamers can also choose to let banned users watch their streams.

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Twitch’s upcoming safety feature is a big step for streamers who want more control over their viewers. By letting streamers hide streams from banned users, Twitch is addressing a common problem and giving a solution to harassment. The potential for IP bans in the future shows Twitch wants to improve the streaming experience. As these new features come out, streamers can look forward to a safer and more enjoyable environment for sharing their content.

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