Rumble Statistics June 2023: Rising Live-Streaming Platform

Rumble is not your typical video game website. Founded in 2013, it has emerged as a unique video-hosting site and an upcoming live-streaming platform.

While platforms like Twitch or Trovo primarily cater to the gaming community, Rumble offers a fresh and distinct experience for its users. Recent developments, such as the multimillion-dollar deal signed by popular streamers KaiCenat and IShowSpeed, suggest that Rumble’s popularity is set to skyrocket.

Let’s delve into the viewership data and metrics from June 2023 to gain insights into Rumble’s growing success.

Rumble Viewership Metrics (June 2023)

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Rumble excels in June 2023 with 27.7M hours watched and a peak viewership of 475K. While Rumble’s hours watched are a fraction of Twitch’s,

Rumble boasts an average viewers per channel of 546, 1,900% higher than Twitch. Andrew Tate’s comeback stream attracts over 400K peak viewers, becoming one of the most-watched English streams. Compared to Trovo, Rumble enjoys 174% more watch time per hour watched. Rumble appeals to audiences while Trovo attracts more streamers.

Most Watched Channels on Rumble by Hours Watched (June 2023)

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Right-wing media dominates Rumble. Six of the top ten channels are American conservative organizations.

Personal channels of commentators like Steven Crowder and The Dan Bongino Show, along with RT and TateSpeech, make up the rest. InfoWars, Newsmax TV, and RT gather substantial watch time. InfoWars alone contributes nearly 10% of June’s total hours watched on Rumble. Andrew Tate’s channel, TateSpeech, stands out non-politically.

After facing bans, Tate moved to Rumble, becoming highly downloaded and ranking penultimate with just five hours of airtime.

Most Popular Rumble Channels by Peak Viewers (June 2023)

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Tate shines with 433K peak viewers on Rumble. The Kai N’ Speed Show follows with 308K viewers. KaiCenat and IShowSpeed sign multimillion-dollar deal, debuting at 133K viewers and peaking at 308K.

Independent right-wing creators like Steven Crowder find success with 79K viewers. JiDion, a non-political YouTuber, experiences 464% peak viewers increase. Rumble thrives as a platform for politics and campaign promotion, attracting Donald J. Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


In conclusion, Rumble’s unique approach to video hosting and live streaming, coupled with its growing viewership and popular channels, positions it as a formidable player in the online streaming sphere.

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