Twitch’s Surprising Ad Choice Leaves xQc Confused

Streaming star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was left baffled after seeing that Twitch was running ads for a Poker tournament amid drama over his move to Kick. 

This article explores the background of Twitch’s gambling stream regulations and xQc’s involvement with the Kick platform, shedding light on his reaction to the surprising advertisement.

The Controversial Nature of Gambling for Streamers

Gambling has always been quite a touchy subject for streamers. Especially for those who have taken deals with online casinos and gambling sites. 

While some users don’t have an issue with it and draw parallels to video games like CS:GO and FIFA, which have their own gambling features with unlockables, others hold differing views.

xQc’s Deal with Kick and His Perspective on Gambling

With Kick successfully securing xQc to a blockbuster deal, the conversation around gambling has once again been reignited. Despite previously stopping due to massive losses, the former Overwatch League star has been defending his decision to move, asserting that he doesn’t see significant issues with gambling.

xQc’s Surprise at Twitch’s Poker Advertisement

As of now, xQc’s deal with Kick is non-exclusive, allowing him to split his time between Twitch and Kick. Therefore, when he was alerted to the fact that Twitch was advertising a Poker event, he was taken aback. He expressed his astonishment to his fans, seeking a moment to collect his thoughts on the matter.

You can check out this clip to see xQc respond to it.

Twitch’s Gambling Content Policy

Twitch permits gambling content from regulated bookmakers and casinos. That means, the Poker tournament advertisement isn’t a drastic change in their policies. They have primarily banned streamers from broadcasting games originating from unlicensed sites, aiming to maintain a safer environment for viewers.


While Twitch’s decision to advertise a Poker tournament surprised xQc, it aligns with the platform’s allowance of gambling content from regulated establishments, as part of their tightened regulations on unlicensed platforms.

xQc refrained from criticizing Twitch as a whole, expressing his indifference towards the issue. This incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing discussions surrounding gambling in the streaming community and the evolving landscape of content regulations.

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