Tyler1 Shares Why Twitch Variety Viewers Are “The Worst”

In a recent stream, popular Twitch streamer Tyler1 expressed his frustration towards viewers who prefer variety content over his League of Legends streams. Tyler1, known for his occasional outbursts, lashed out at these viewers, referring to them as “the worst viewers on the planet.” This unexpected attack on variety viewers sparked a heated conversation during his stream.

Tyler1’s Outburst

The controversy unfolded when a chatter in Tyler1’s chat recommended some games for him to play, which triggered a discussion about the haters who expressed disappointment when Tyler1 played games other than League of Legends. The chatter suggested that the negative comments were due to the content not being League of Legends, but Tyler1 vehemently disagreed.

In a fit of anger, Tyler1 responded, “That’s not how it works, bro. No, you variety viewers are the worst viewers on the f*cking planet, and you all need to be put down like the dogs you are. That’s the actual problem.”

The Issue with Variety Viewers

Tyler1 further elaborated on his frustration. He’s stating that variety viewers tend to dictate what games he should play instead of simply leaving if they’re not interested. He criticized their behavior, saying, “Variety viewers will be like ‘Oh my god, dude no. play this game instead. This game is terrible, you need to play this game actually. This game that me and my two boys on Discord play, and we’re the only players, is the best game.'”

Tyler1’s Reputation

Tyler1’s outburst against variety viewers aligns with his well-known reputation for being outspoken and insulting chat members. It’s not uncommon for him to engage in controversial discussions during his streams. His choice of words and fiery reactions are consistent with his usual content.

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Tyler1’s recent outburst towards variety viewers on Twitch has generated significant attention. While his strong language and controversial statements may have stirred controversy, it’s essential to understand the context of his frustration. As a prominent Twitch streamer, Tyler1’s words carry weight within the gaming community.

Whether or not this outburst will have long-lasting effects on his viewership remains to be seen.

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