xQc Promises to Ban Demanding Kick Viewers


Felix “xQc” Lengyel is undoubtedly one of the most influential live streamers in the online world.

Having risen to stardom on Twitch, xQc struck a lucrative deal with Kick back in June, securing an astounding $100 million to stream exclusively on the rival platform.

With a massive following of over 12 million on both Twitch and Kick, xQc’s influence is undeniable. However, as the demand for his IRL streams increases, some viewers have become increasingly insistent.

xQc Acknowledges the Challenge of Dealing with Demanding Kick Viewers as Requests for IRL Streams Persist

IRL (In Real Life) streams can deliver some of the most captivating content on the internet. Yet, xQc realizes that they can also bring out the worst in his viewers.

He shared his thoughts during a recent Kick stream, saying, “The thing is, with IRLs, it’s a lot of fun, but it fosters the very bad part of everything. Especially at this scale, it snowballs really bad. At the end of the day, when it’s time to chill out and talk to the community, and do stuff only between us, it’s really f*cking bad.”

xQc’s concerns are valid, as stream snipers can spoil a creator’s IRL broadcast, and demanding viewers can transform an otherwise enjoyable outing into a miserable experience.

To address this issue, xQc declared that he would “purge” his chat of these types of viewers if his fans desire to see more IRL streams.

xQc Statement On His Stream

He stated, “Alright, you know what? This is what I’m gonna do. We’ll try something. You see people like this?” while pointing out a chatter’s comment that read, ‘W gaslight.’ “I’ll just permaban all of them.”

“For those seeking quality content and enjoyable IRL streams, the chat is just going to be purged like crazy,” he continued. “Any individuals behaving in an unacceptable manner like, ‘Oh, do this or do that,’ or, ‘Don’t do this or don’t do that,’ you’re just gonna get permabanned.”

xQc’s frustration with overly-demanding viewers disrupting his IRL streams is evident. However, viewers aren’t the only ones capable of disrupting an otherwise entertaining IRL broadcast.

Indeed, numerous IRL streamers have faced daunting experiences during their streams, such as one creator who was [confronted by a knife-wielding man in Paris during TwitchCon.

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xQc’s dedication to delivering exceptional content to his viewers while ensuring a positive streaming experience is commendable. Managing the demands of a growing audience, particularly during IRL streams, presents unique challenges that require a thoughtful approach.

By maintaining open communication with his fans, fostering a supportive community, and embracing the ever-changing landscape of IRL streaming, xQc can continue to captivate audiences while elevating the streaming experience for all.

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