xQc Praises Kick Streams Over Twitch: Here’s Why


Streaming sensation Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has recently voiced his admiration for the Stake-backed platform, Kick, stating that it offers “better” streams compared to Twitch.

Back in early 2022, Kick emerged as a formidable competitor to Twitch. Its attractive features, including a revenue split of 95-5 in favor of streamers and greater content streaming flexibility, quickly enticed many content creators.

Moreover, Kick made significant waves by signing lucrative contracts with renowned streamers such as xQc, Hikaru, and Adin Ross. Notably, some of these deals, including those with xQc and Hikaru, allow streamers to simultaneously broadcast on both Twitch and Kick without any restrictions.

xQc’s Experience: Twitch vs. Kick

Ever since signing his staggering $100 million contract, xQc has been utilizing both Twitch and Kick. He starts his streams on Twitch and then switches to Kick a few hours before concluding his broadcast, providing him with valuable insights into the differences between the two platforms.

The Verdict: Kick Takes the Lead

During one of his streams on August 1, xQc publicly praised Kick and expressed his preference for the platform. He particularly highlighted the sense of freedom and interaction with his audience that Kick offers.

According to xQc, “Kick is just better. I enjoy just chilling with chat and doing this s_it. At the end of the day when it comes down to actual freedom, this is much better. That’s just the way it is. I’ve streamed on Twitch forever and I was under a massive contract for four years, ok, and I’ll be honest with you dude, here I feel like I can just sit down and actually talk to chat – and that’s a massive f_cking W. That is more therapeutic than anybody I’m going to pay $1000 an hour to talk about my f*cking problems.”

A More Relaxed Experience

xQc’s preference for Kick might also be influenced by the fact that his Kick streams attract fewer viewers compared to his Twitch streams. This potentially creates a more relaxed atmosphere, allowing him to engage with his chat in a more personal and fulfilling way.

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Despite signing prominent streamers, Kick is actively seeking to expand its roster. Additionally, the platform has been making strides beyond the internet by becoming a sponsor for the Premier League club, Everton.

In conclusion, Kick’s user-friendly policies and the unique streaming experience it offers have managed to win the heart of a top-tier streamer like xQc, solidifying its position as a strong competitor in the streaming market. As the platform continues to evolve and attract more creators, it’s set to redefine the streaming landscape for both viewers and content creators alike.

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