YouTube Gaming Stats June 2023: Getting Close to Twitch

YouTube Gaming is gaining ground on Twitch in terms of streamer quality and captivating content.

In the first half of 2023, YouTube Gaming attracted a significant number of viewers by increasing coverage of esports tournaments.

Monthly Performance Overview: June 2023

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June 2023 showcased remarkable YouTube Gaming stats. The Hours Watched witnessed a solid 1.29% increase, establishing YouTube Gaming as a strong competitor.

Moreover, Google’s site experienced a 1% rise in Peak Viewers, highlighting a positive trend. In addition, game streaming saw a promising 3% surge compared to May, bringing excellent news for developers, publishers, and studios in the YouTube Gaming community.

Most Watched and Popular YouTube Gaming Streamers in June 2023

1. NOBRU: The Brazilian Megastar

Leading the rankings is Brazilian sensation NOBRU, who gained an impressive 3.58M Hours Watched last month. NOBRU saw a significant improvement of 44.3% compared to May, thanks to streaming Free Fire events, including the Copa General Season 1.

2. Pekora Ch: Consistent Performer

Pekora Ch secured the third position, demonstrating consistent performance despite a 10.8% decline in watch hours.

3. ilyas elmaliki: Rising Moroccan Star

ilyas elmaliki, a rising Moroccan streamer, secured the fourth position due to his passion for music and football. Close behind is the renowned YouTube personality TimTheTatman, an early pioneer in streaming.

4. Diversity in the Top Rankings

The top ten showcases a recurring trend. The list includes VTubers, a popular Hispanic streamer, and a sought-after Asian broadcaster. Notably, Nexxuz World dropped from second to ninth place, experiencing a significant decline of 35.4% in watch hours.

5. IShowSpeed: Climbing the Ranks

IShowSpeed made an entrance at the second spot. This American streamer steadily climbed the ranks and has become one of the top streamers on the platform.

Other Influential Streamers

Prominent names like DrDisrespect, MixiGaming, and Gundo Mirei from NIJISANJI have also made their mark.

Showcasing the Popularity of Female YouTube Gaming Streamers in June 2023

From the female YouTube Gaming streamers section, the leaderboard for June 2023 is thoroughly dominated by VTubers. From all the streamers, Pekora Ch emerging as the frontrunner.

These YouTube Gaming stats for June 2023 highlight the undeniable influence of VTubers in shaping the landscape of female gaming streamers.

hololive’s Triumph

hololive VTubers dominate the top seven spots, including Koyori ch, Miko Ch, Korone Ch, Subaru Ch, Fubuki Ch, and Aqua Ch. Nine out of the top ten names belong to hololive, with Luna Ch and Okayu Ch completing the table. The eighth position is occupied by Tosaki Mimi from Virtual eSports Project.

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YouTube Gaming’s continuous growth and the outstanding performance of these streamers make it a prominent destination for gaming enthusiasts and content creators.

With captivating content and engaging streamers, YouTube Gaming is shaping the future of gaming entertainment.

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