Top 7 Athenascope Alternatives You Need to Try

Athenascope, one of the most convenient tools to make clips has been unavailable since April 5th, 2022 due to unknown reasons. This is actually quite sad news for most streamers as they need to find other Athenascope alternatives to support their streaming journey.

But don’t worry about that since we will share with you other clip-maker tools here. Basically, all these tools have the main function to clip your gaming moments. However, each of them has more speciality that will suit more to your needs. Let’s take a look at them now!

What is Athenascope?

Athenascope Alternatives
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As previously mentioned, Athenascope is a streaming tool that helps you create highlights of your gaming moments. It made everything seamless and trouble-free for the streamers by generating automatic highlights from their stream.

Other than letting you clip the special moments of your game, this tool also provides great video editing features that you can use to edit your clips. So, it will be perfect to create montage videos, short clips, and music videos with this software.

Unfortunately, Athenascope decided to shut down its clip generator on March 30th, 2022 whereas the service officially became unavailable on 5th, April 2022. Many people are starting to wonder “why did Athenascope shut down?”. But there’s no further explanation about it.

The official statement from the Athena team read: “Athena is taking a well-deserved rest from watching hours and hours of “You’ve been eliminated” footage and highlights will no longer be processed.”

The List of Athenascope Alternatives for Streamers

So, are there any alternatives to Athenascope? Yes, there are some. Keep reading the blog to learn more about those alternatives.

Clip It: One of the Athenascope Alternatives to Try

why did Athenascope shut down
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Clip It is a free software for Windows that works on AI. With the real-time advanced AI algorithm, you can generate highlight clips of your gaming streams. With Clip It, you can create montages of your gaming footage and clips for your social media platforms.

This software works as a companion app to OBS. Once you connect Clip It with your OBS account, the app starts communicating with OBS to record your clips. The AI picks up moments that are worthy of saving and tells OBS to record those moments. As you can see, Clip It works just like Athenascope.


Source: Vibby

Vibby is another convenient highlight maker at your disposal. It allows you to create highlights from any video in seconds! Just select the videos you want to use for your content and Vibby will create highlights from them. Vibby gives you a lot of variety when it comes to creating highlight clips. For instance, you can make a YouTube video and create clips from it.

However, Vibby does not work automatically. To use Vibby, you need to paste a link to the video you want to clip and then highlight the parts you want to use for your content. However, Vibby is still very helpful for those who want to clip certain parts of videos on the internet without having to manually go through the clipping process.

Eklipse: The Best of Athenascope Alternatives

The Best of Athenascope Alternatives
Source: Eklipse

Eklipse is an advanced AI tool that helps streamers create highlights of their best gaming moments. To use Eklipse, all you have to do is connect Eklipse with your Twitch, YouTube or Facebook gaming account. After that, Eklipse’s smart AI will automatically load your streaming videos and pick up the best moments from the streams. Voila! The high-quality clips are now in your hands.

Moreover, Eklipse also works great as a video editing software. With Eklipse, you can convert your highlight clips into a TikTok video, Insta reels, or even YouTube short videos just in a snap. This tools even enables you to edit the TikTok video to be cooler with its latest TikTok editor feature.

Do you want to make your clip more incredible by adding music background? Thankfully, Eklipse featured with a tool to let you put the best soundtrack easily. You’ll find various music options in the library and of course, it’s all copyright-free! Click button below to try Eklipse Highlight!

Best Highlights Clipping Software! is an AI highlight generator and video editor that will automatically create highlights from your streams. Simply click below and try it.


outplayed vs athenascope
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Looking for another clip-maker that offers you a complete package? Then Outplayed is the answer. Basically, Outplayed has similar features with Eklipse as a highlight clipper. It’s generated with A.I, and it comes with various incredible features that assist you to produce high-quality clips.

Automatic clipping is a feature everyone loves about this tool. But if you have your own editing style and don’t mind taking a little more time to capture the best moment of your gameplay, then Outplayed will allow you to do it.

All you have to do is link your Twitch with Outplayed, then you can start to explore it. On top of that, Outplayed will never take up too much space in your hard drive. You wanna try it?

Allstar: Another Option of Athenascope Alternatives

Source: Allstar

Having a clipping tool that supports many online games is something all streamers need. If you are looking for this kind of tool, Allstar could be a great choice.

Yep, Allstar is actually compatible with several popular games, such as Counter-Strike: GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, and Fortnite just like Eklipse. Only by getting the app into your device, you’ll be able to use it.

Although Allstar hasn’t yet supported more games like Apex Legends, Valorant, or other well-known games, users can still request which game they should support next. On top of that, this tool can capture your best perfect jump shot or sick dodge without decreasing your gameplay FPS. That’s definitely fantastic, right?

Highlight Play

Source: Highlight Play

Are you regularly stream on Twitch and want to highlight your best gaming scene? Try Highlight Play. This tool basically works really well on analyzing your Twitch channel and automatically clips your streams. To use Highlight Play, you can just go to the Highlight Panel on Twitch whenever you finished streaming, and pick the clips you would like to trim.

You can just sit back and let it works for you. However, Highlight Play lets you do manual editing as well if you wish for that. Just send out a command !highlight with video length to your Twitch chat and the clips will instantly come up on the Highlight Panel.

Apart from all that, to be able to use the features of this tool, you’ll need to spend about $19,95/month with a 7-day money-back guarantee. Yes, this tool isn’t free to use.

So, if you are looking for a free clipping tool, Highlight Play may not suit your need. Other than that, it seems that Highlight Play only works for Twitch. It may not allow you to clip streaming videos from YouTube or other platforms.

Gazoom App


The last option of Athenascope alternatives is Gazoom. Gazoom is another gameplay clipper that is worth trying. It offers you with friendly interface and complete tools to support your streaming needs.

Additionally, Gazoom is a little bit different from the previous tools as it required to be downloaded before you use it. However, this tool is compatible with Windows and even iPhone and Android. Go to the App Store or Google Playstore, and you’ll get it.

To be able to operate Gazoom, all you have to do is play the gameplay on your device screen, and it will automatically capture the highlights. That’s it. Once you’ve got the clips, Gazoom will let you share them immediately on other platforms. Do a few clicks and you are all set. Are you interested to try it?


So those were the top seven Athenascope alternatives you can try for your streaming and other hobbies. Pick the one that suits your needs and preferences.

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