Medal TV vs Eklipse: Which One is Better?

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about Medal Tv vs Eklipse. But wait, what are they and what can we do with them?

A clip maker has become more popular as the number of streamers is increasing everyday. It is necessary to capture the best gaming scene while you’re playing a game. Nowadays, it may be a little confusing to choose the best clipping tools since there are hundreds of options.

Fortunately, we have two clipping software that are considered to be the best among all. They are Medal TV and Eklipse.

Medal TV vs Eklipse: A Comparison

Medal TV and Eklipse are video game clip makers that are quite popular among gamers. Then, we will see what actually makes these tools a popular choice? What are the features of these tools that are worth comparing? Let’s find out through this article.

Medal TV Review: What Is It?


  • Friendly interface

  • Clips specific scenes and record full gameplay

  • Provides complete and incredible editing tools

  • Produces high-quality video

  • Unlimited free storage for videos

  • Allows importing external videos or image

  • Supports many games

  • Available for Windows, Mac, or mobile
  • The 10 minutes video clips are only available for the Premium version (the paid version)

  • The free version contains a watermark

  • Requires to be downloaded

  • Requires editing skills to create cool clips

Medal TV vs Eklipse

If you are regularly playing online games such as Fortnite, Valorant, Call of Duty, or other popular games, you might have heard of this tool. It’s probably one of the best recorders for creating incredible gaming clips. Driven by powerful A.I, Medal TV allows you to record your gameplay and clip any scene you’d like to capture in a snap.

Additionally, Medal TV allows you to record between 15 seconds to 10 minutes. It means that you are not only able to create short clips to share on your TikTok or other platforms, but also stunning montages with longer duration. Aside from that, you can enhance your video clips by adding some editing to them.

Apart from that, Medal clipping software offers you complete editing tools such as greenscreen effects, GIFs, stickers, and even free-copyright music backgrounds. You can also add some interesting texts to your video with this feature.

Source: CB Insights

Creating marvelous videos will be easier than ever by adding cool slow motions or fast-forward effects. No worries, Medal TV is featured with these tools. However, you will find a watermark if you use the free version. But there is a premium version as an option if you want to get rid of the watermark. You only need to pay $9.99 per month and say bye to the watermark.

Besides, you will also get other special features such as a longer clip caption, 10-minute clip upload times, and a .gif profile picture. Believe me, this stuff is necessary to boost your channel growth.

Are you excited to try it? You can definitely download this tool to your device and welcome the amazing video clips. Don’t worry about it taking up your device space because you can store all the created projects on unlimited Free Storage. That is just amazing!

What Is Eklipse?

Eklipse vs Medal TV
Source: Eklipse

In addition to, Eklipse is another clipping tool alternative you can try to create the best gaming highlights. Eklipse may not be considered as popular as Medal TV, but Eklipse has incredible tools and features which Medal doesn’t.

Just like, Eklipse is also driven by powerful A.I. This is the main key to automatic clipping once you’ve registered and signed in to Eklipse. The special thing about this tool is it doesn’t require extra effort or fancy editing skills. You don’t even have to download it.

You’ll only need to lay down in your bed, and Eklipse will do everything for you, such as loading your video, and capturing your best moments for you!

Source: Eklipse

Want to add cool music background to your clips? No worries, Eklipse provides its users with some copyright-free music options. Just pick the best one and turn your clip to be more dramatic and interesting. Other than that, Eklipse also lets you convert your clip to a TikTok or reel format instantly. Furthermore, you can post them on TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook with cool templates.

Eklipse also has a weekly showcase feature that combines all your weekly highlights and convert them into a really cool montage you can use to show off your gameplay.

However, the editing tool of Eklipse may not be enough for some. In other words, some of you might still need other additional apps such as Medal TV to add some cool effects, stickers, or texts. But overall, this tool is really worth trying since it’s totally free and very easy to use, especially for beginners. If you want to try it, just hit the following button!

Best Highlights Clipping Software! is an AI highlight generator and video editor that will automatically create highlights from your streams. Simply click below and try it.


  • Access without any downloading
  • Easy to use, especially for beginners
  • Automatically loads and clips videos from streaming platforms
  • High-quality result
  • Allows converting clip into TikTok/reel
  • Totally free to use
  • Watermark-free
  • Supports many games
  • Available for any devices
  • Produces weekly clips/montages up to 10 minutes


  • Limited editing tools
  • Doesn’t allow importing external files
  • Doesn’t let you record full screen


So, that’s all the comparison of Medal TV vs Eklipse. Though both tools still have many flaws in their services, they can complement each other to create the best gaming clips. Which one do you want to try?

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